Pro Street Ford Fairmont


Lots of info here. Read the full ad BEFORE you call/text/message me.

I WILL NOT ANSWER QUESTIONS THAT ARE ALREADY EXPLAINED IN THIS AD!!!!!!!!!!! If you can't read, get a friend to read it to you. If none of your friends can read, get new friends.

Testing the waters. I have too many projects going and this is the one I am letting go of. Not really interested in trades. Absolutely no bikes, boats, campers, side by sides, quads, or project cars (other than a 1932 Ford 5 window coupe project, period). I want cold hard cash.

1978 and 1980 Ford Fairmont Futuras. One on the tube chassis and another stocker for parts.

The chassis is a Chris Alston 2x3 main rail with a full cage, fully welded chassis. Chassis was welded and the body was mounted when I got this project. Bumpers are now mounted and front fender mounts are made. Front and rear suspension are all Art Morrison (ladder bars, tubular control arms). The frame was sitting outside for a while and will need blasted before painting or powder coat but that's a normal part of the process anyway. I checked the frame with stringlines and squares, it is very straight, the rearend sits in there correctly and is square to the centerline of the car. It was very well built.

The front consists of a new chrome Flaming River Pinto rack, new 5 on 4-3/4 Pinto rotors (including all new bearings, seals and dust caps) mounted on OEM Pinto spindles, new tie rod ends, new chrome coilover Pro Shocks and new chrome coilover springs. The steering column is completely new from the Sweet u-joint at the rack thru the new tubular shafts with a new Sweet intermediate u-joint to the steering wheel. The column is tubular with full roller bearing support (not nylon bushings like so many are), all new Sweet joints and DOM tubing steering shaft and locking collars. It uses a new Longacre quick release on the new Grant steering wheel. Lots of new stuff there!

In the rear it has a new panhard bar (also have a diagonal link if you prefer that). Has a narrowed 9" rear (I did not narrow the rear, it came with the package. No idea what spline the axles are. I don't really care since I will use aftermarket axles if I keep the car and finish it). All the ladder bar brackets are fully welded as are the adjustable rear shock mount brackets. It has adjustable Art Morrison Street series coilover setup on the rear. Fully height adjustable. Also have new chrome coilover springs for the rear I will include. There is a 9" center section in the housing, I have no idea what it is, never had it out. It's there to build as you want it. It is an open rear, not a spool.

There is a new fuel cell mounted in the frame. It has a new metal surround and new straps to hold it in place.

New poly seats (with new vinyl covers) are mounted (on new sliders for full adjustment).

The rear tires are new Pro Trac 375/60x15 on 15x12 aluminum wheels. The front tires are new Pro Trac 5.60x15 on matching aluminum wheels.

The second car is a good donor, or could be built since it is a solid car. It has a good back window, spare doors, side glass, trim, interior plastics, and rear wheelwells (easier to stretch the rear wheelwells on the car with).


I am at $5500 for this pair of cars. If you bring a trailer and haul 1 car I will follow you home with the other car at no cost. That way you get both cars with one trip. You're welcome. I will NOT split up the cars, buy one and get the other delivered for nothing! If you want to drive here and check them out, I can deliver both cars for gas money only. I'm retired, I have time.

I have decided to include a few parts I was originally going to charge extra for, it's the right thing to do.

Will also include the aluminum mid plate and front motor plate for a SBF/351W/351C. These are new and unused pieces.

Will also include a 1972 351W short block as a core to build. It's a stock take-out, never been messed with. Block, crank, rods, pistons and oil pan. Good to rebuild. If interested I also have '70 351W heads or early 302 heads to go with it for free. I have more Windsor engine parts, rods, pistons and intakes that we can discuss prices on if you are interested in upgrades. They are all very reasonably priced.

The 3rd piece I have decided to include is a new, in the box, set of Art Morrison aluminum 22"x38" wheel tubs. Complete with instructions!

Glad to get you any pictures you need.

Won't ship them. Won't take a check of any kind. I am a firm believer in $100 bills face to face. If you can't do that, don't waste both of out time.

This is a new Pro Street, Hot Rod, Street Machine, Street Rod, Drag Race, project car. It can hold a BBF, SBF, BBC, SBC, Hemi, Slant 6.......whatever you feel like welding in there!


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New Info!!!! I have had 3 different parties interested in the car without delivery of the 2nd car (1 didn't want it and 2 thought they might be able to find a trailer to fit both cars). I will take $200 off if I don't need to deliver the 2nd car. The second thing that keeps coming up is some don't want any of the SBF stuff. I'll take another $300 off if you don't want/need any of the SBF parts. Third thing is the body is rust free. The 2nd body is also very nice. These cars have been off the road for many years. Not rusty at all!


Dropped the price and updated info. $5500 for the pair. You cold actually have a Pro Street car and a Pro 5.0 car here. These are very clean, rust free bodies.