Rules for all classes for 2014

Everyone that wants to check out the rules for Benton go to then click dirt track then rules. the added new class for this year is bone stock. You will find the rules on there as well. Any questions contact Clyde Harrison his contact information is on the website.
Don't know if they have a schedule set and stone yet. Last I heard they planned to still run Friday nights and theyre still trying to figure out what series they planned to bring in on certain dates. I do know that after foot ball season starts racing will be limited to only big shows. They are gonna give each class a big money show to run at and plus I know they have to work around the ump summer nationals.


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Did they ever get a promoter because Clyde said he doesn't want people spending over 200 on car in bone stock class which we all know this ain't the fifties anymore!
$200.00 ?? a car will scrap for more than that? Think the limit should be $1000.00 ? that would be more real.
He needs to stay with STOCK dot tires , not asphalt take offs. and mandatory 1 inch lug nuts. Face it for 1 grand you dont get much room for extras other that a running beater and a cage ,seat and belts.
When I talked to Joe Meyer (track tech for this year) he said there were some grey areas concerning the bone stock class that he is going to get smoothed out. 1000.00 is more realistic. they run bone stock down in Arkansas. the rules down there at those tracks are pretty simple. from what I hear the bone stocks are not running nascar take offs, theyre running the dot style tires. Also I know there are safety concerns regarding the bone stock class. I heard from others that clyde has a promoter from st Louis now. I haven't spoke with clyde in a few weeks. So I have no idea how true it is, just heard that this new guy has called some of the local racers. Clyde has came up with ideas for this year that benefit each class and gives each class an opportunity to have a big race for money this year. But we shall see.
That bone stock class should have rules compared to Enduro rules from Tri-State speedway. Only change should be a 4 point cage not just roll hoop. But still attempt to maintain a $1000.00 claim to be judged by the tech man. It doesnt matter if ya run a 421 as long as all shocks springs and tire width checked all the way to the rim and are kept in check. Also some real basic infractions for a 2 or three time feature winner. remembering this isnt supposed to be a points type class ...
bone stock rules are at they seem to be very simple. they did name paul mosley as new track manager with all new empolyees . probably racing sunday afternoon from what i have been told by paul mosley. sounds like a great year ahead lets all show our support.
when I talked to clyde over the weekend he said he would like to try some sunday afternoons, not jump up right off the bat and run them. He said he would experiment with sundays when tracks have special shows going on, on Fridays and Saturdays. Haubstadt Indiana use to run sunday afternoons. They always had good turn outs. I don't know of any tracks in this area that have ever tried sunday afternoons and my family has been involved in stock car and sprint car racing since the 50's. I don't see a problem with trying it considering no other tracks have. If it don't work they can easily stick with Fridays. The problem with Fridays now is that the track has to be shutdown by midnight because of complaints from area residents about the noise. most people don't get off of work until 5, then bust their butts to get to track by 7 for hotlaps. Most people would say well 7-midnight should give plenty of time to get races in, but lets be realistic..every class is capable of causing 3 or more cautions during heat races and features on average. I do agree at any race track races should be done by midnight, but under certain events that take place during the night I have seen it be impossible. All we can do is support the track. Because one day dirt track racing in this area will be gone, the closest track to travel to for anyone could be 150 miles. I'm all for supporting any track, may not agree with everything they do but that's with any hobby or sport. At least someone is trying to bring the track back to life and give it an opportunity. Everything else in the past has failed.
looks like a timed event like B ville has in comming . Paul has many years of dirtwork experiance and also racing as a owner and driver so he understands the dirt issues the track had last year. We shall see.....