Siping vs. Needling

I think they are talking about chemical treated rubber residue be put on the track, which would be a stretch for the EPA to enforce.

However he is right on about proper disposal and proper transporting of chemicals. I have heard of tickets for race fuel in unmarked fuel jugs when they want to be pr**ks.



im gonna use it and traction control on my truck in the snow,if it doesnt work ill own the companys


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Before I explain what the thread was actually about let me set a couple of you straight. I do sell prep, and yes some of it is "Undetectable". Nothing, and I mean nothing, is against the law of any state in the United States. I pay my taxes every year just like every other honest person. So as far as the EPA getting involved with my operation, let them. My preps are biodegradable to 60% within 30 days. That is incredible for any chemical. Oh and by the way they were also made by a chemist, in a lab, who happens to be part of Chemtrek(EPA works with them). Get your facts straight before you get on here and turn this into amateur hour.

Now as far as me cutting and needling tires. In Karts we have been cutting tires for more years than I have raced, we have been needling tires for around 5-6 years. The cutting(which I have a full tire lathe for) allows me to cut degrees of contour, cut camber, and true a tire up. I can change many aspects of the tire just by cutting the contact patch of that tire. Which all of this is LEGAL in the rules.

Needling is something different. By me needling your tires you will never have to sipe again. Needling allows a more consistent result, and saves you a ton of time. It gets that tire to temp quicker and also keeps it there without letting the tire overheat and blister or seal up. Far better technology than siping a tire.

Both of these services I provide are very inexpensive. In my opinion they are both very necessary as well. Thank You


Nick Gieseking
And one more thing, as far as I know Needling a tire is completely LEGAL. If I am wrong about that then correct me, and please post the rule that says you can't.

For those of you who live outside the box and want to go faster, give me a call.


And one more thing, as far as I know Needling a tire is completely LEGAL. If I am wrong about that then correct me, and please post the rule that says you can't.

For those of you who live outside the box and want to go faster, give me a call.

$10,000.00 fine, loss of points, cannot compete for ANY Championship monies for competitor.

$10,000.00 fine, loss of points, cannot compete for ANY Championship monies for car owner.

Originating Source of tire treatment WILL BE turned over to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

FASTRAK reserves the right to bring in the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
Competitor and all parties involved may be prosecuted by EPA within Federal Law! **All parties agree to a “hold harmless” agreement under the above terms and of ALL FASTRAK rules by participating in or at a FASTRAK event.


Nick Gieseking
As far as I understand the rules of the Sanctioning bodies for most of the tracks in our area needling a tire is completely legal. Now I will admit whether something is or isn't against rules obviously doesn't change my stance on it, but I won't break the law or put my customers at risk with the EPA. Like I said in my last post, the chemist who makes the stuff I sell is a member of Chemtrek(who of which works very closely with the EPA). At least do your homework before you get on here and slam me or anyone else, it just makes you look stupid. Are you stupid? You can plead the 5th and we will all just make our own decision on that question. Or you can continue to make stupid comments and it will be an obvious answer.

Like I said if you would like to be faster(Legally) then give me a call and I can help you out. If you would like to be faster(Illegally) then give me a call and I can also help you with that. Thank You


Nick Gieseking
These are the rules for the Woo and UMP Late Models

15.11 Tires

A,) For the 2009 World of Outlaw Late Model racing season, an open tire rule is in effect, provided, the tires meet the 2009 World of Outlaw Tire Specifications.

B.) The maximum size for any tire in competition is 11”-inches x 29”-inches x 15”-inches, unless otherwise specified in written form to all competitors.

C.) The maximum outside circumference of the tire will be 93”-inches, unless otherwise specified in written form to all competitors.

D.) The maximum width of the tires measured from the outside edge(s) of the sidewalls across the face of the tire will be 16 ¾”-inches. There will be a tire hoop used for inspection and the tire must pass through the tire hoop freely, without any manipulation or outside contact.

E.) The tire rule for any event may be amended in written form, to all competitors per any technical bulletin.

F.) Tires changes will not be permitted once a car has been presented to the starting grid/lineup area for any race. Any cars making a tire change will forfeit their assigned starting position for that particular race and start from the rear of the field.

G.)Chemical alterations, vulcanizing, tire softening, defacing and/or altering the face of the tire lettering and/or tire stamping will not be permitted. Chemicals or tire softening is not permitted at any time. Tires may be inspected at any time. Any violation with any tire presented for competition may result in immediate disqualification from the events and/or other penalties including but not limited to; loss of money, fine, loss of points and/or suspension.


Nick Gieseking
These are the rules for the UMP Modifieds

15.8 – Wheels and Tires

A.) The tire rule may be amended by bulletin.

B.) The DIRTcar approved tire is the Hoosier A-40, D-40 or H-40 compounds in the DIRTcar plated tire 26.5/8.0/15 or 27.5/8.0/15. The maximum width of the tire will be 9” inches.

C.) Grooving of any tire will not be permitted. Siping will be permitted on the A-40 and H-40. Recapping of an approved tire is not permitted.

D.) Any local track and/or DIRTcar official can confiscate any tire at any time and during any DIRTcar event to be evaluated and analyzed including verification using a tire durometer. Tires may also be submitted for further chemical analysis.

E.) Defacing or altering any of the manufacturer’s identification markings, letters, words, numbers, on any tire will not be permitted. The tire compounds may be covered by duct tape as long as the local track and/or DIRTcar officials are able to remove the covering at any time for inspection purposes. Any alteration of tires may result in immediate suspension from all DIRTcar racetracks and/or events and/or penalties deemed appropriate by local track and/or DIRTcar and/or World Racing Group Supervisory Officials.

F.) Tire softeners and/or chemicals designed to alter the chemical characteristics of the tire and/or the tire surface will not be permitted.

G.) Mud plugs are will be permitted on all four wheels. Bead locks will be permitted on the right side only. The mud plug must have the car number on it.

H.) Only 8-inch DIRTcar approved and labeled racing wheels will be permitted.

I.) All wheels must be conventional one-piece magnetic steel and must be mounted with lug nuts. Aluminum, plastic and/or carbon fiber wheels will not be permitted.

J.) All wheels must be fastened to the hub with five lug nuts.


Nick Gieseking
Picking a fight isn't what I'm trying to do. Please have the facts correct before you say something that may scare off a future customer. I'm working just as you do to make a living and provide for a family. You may not agree with some ventures I'm in, but this is LEGAL so please go away. Thank You


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If you require tire needle rollers for these machines or handheld tire needlers, please contact us. We are a manufacturer of needles and needle rollers.

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I needle everything. The softer compounds are especially important however, reason being is because the softer compounds have a tendency to tear off edges and also chunk out easier. Needling the tire will help avoid that.


Nick Gieseking
No it's legal to needle the D's. It may be a grey area, but it isn't illegal. However the Emod D seems to be a tire that the tracks around here aren't going to allow this year.


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lol, that was funny. But the man is trying to run a business. If I was him, and if someone brought tires in for "whatever" treatment, I can understand him "doing what he is asked" whether legal or not. It's not up to him to "police" people. Let the drivers take their chances of getting caught. JMO