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St. Francois County Raceway Results 6/20/15 - -

St. Francois County Raceway Results 6/20/15
Jimmy Hurley – Kirby Laws photoMatt Eaton – Kirby Laws photoEddie Gross – Kirby Laws photoRobbie Williams – Kirby Laws photoDustin Adams – Kirby Laws photoSt. Francois County Raceway, Farmington MO – (June 23, 2015) Growing up we all knew Brian wasn’t normal, while the rest of the us were chasing down the ice cream truck, Brian would be in the sand box with his Tonka trucks, moving one sand pile to another, making holes filling them up, making drainage ditches. You would see him standing back looking at his sandbox empire with pride and a smile on his face. After we would get done with our ice cream we would rip through it with our bikes, he never would cry, he would just pick up his Tonka trucks and get back to work.Later as we left the ice cream truck for girls, he stuck to the Tonka trucks then we knew he was a mad scientist, all that time in the sand box paid off. Bria ...

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