What was it like in the "social distanced" grandstands at I-55 and SFCR last night?


Not much different at St. Francois County Raceway. The only person that social distance was the flagman
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Pevely was spread out. Seating every other row and taped off to be 6 feet between groups. Were a few groups sitting together but I suspect those were family groups that came together.


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Wasn’t able to make it last night. Sure with the new promoters all the best and appreciate them stepping up.
Read they ran B-mod B mains and A before the sprint car feature and by the time they ran the sprint car feature at 2a there was about 100 folks left. Is that really true?

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Not True they ran the B Mod. feature and then Sprints, then A Mods. Alot of folks may of left because of the cold but Alot was there for the Sprint Feature.