What will the "NEW" Tire Rule Be??


Does anyone know yet what the new tire rule is going to be for the UMP Modifieds?? If production has stopped with the A40S and production has picked back up for the A40, what tire are the tracks going to allow? I am sure there are a lot of A40S's in circulation already so are guys going to be able to run the A40S, A40, and/or the H40?? Does the A40S out perform the A40 on a short term basis?? Hoosier and UMP have caused quite a ruckus with this new tire deal.
being the Hebrew from highland i think they should sell us the "OLD" a tires for--lets see--$50 fitti bu-limit them to 4 per car==================================JMO
When was the A40S tire production stopped? If Hoosier finds out that this tire is crap,,what are they going to do about the racers who bought them and can't use them because of inferior product?
Kevin announced friday that they stopped production, and that the a from last year would be brought back and that the h would be made in a 26.5. I think he mentioned a buy back on unused tires too from Hoosier.
A40s way outperforms the old a on a short term basis. Characteristics on our cars are very similar to the old d compound
So if the A40S way out performs the old A then tracks must not allow the new A40S's, Right?? This is going to cause serious issues I can already see. I guess I will just sit from the sidelines a while longer and see how this all plays out.
I ran the new S Friday and really liked it. It has plenty of meat left and worked good the whole race.
Steve the old A is fine. Just run what you got and don't run the S tire on RR in the slick. Hoosier will be announcing something soon. Rick.
They need to do something quick. I'm out of the old A's so I don't have a heat race or feature RR tire unless I feel like destroying a tire for 8 laps or bolting on an H
Rumor has it hoosier will be offering a buy back option for those who bought alot of the s tires in bulk. But i doubt they will outlaw the tire. Every one that doesnt get traded in is less of a financial loss. I foresee many drivers staying on the s tire trying to steal a feature hoping everyone else went back to the a.

So stotler, i honestly think youve got the right idea
So, with UMP's announcement, what tire/tires are the area tracks going to allow the modifieds to run?? I sure hope they don't make me have to get a set of tires for heat races and another set for features.
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To: All DIRTcar Competitors and Promoters

From: Hoosier Racing Tire Corporation

After several nights of race evaluation and a tire test, it has become clear that some changes need to be made to the current DIRTcar UMP tire lineup.


“Sometimes when you make a change to a tire, you improve things for one area of the country, but do not have the same effect in others.” stated Hoosier Product Manager Shanon Rush. “We have received mixed feedback from DIRTcar racers so far this season. At some tracks, the new A40S has been a home run, in others it has not met ours, or the competitors’, expectations.”

In order to address these concerns, Hoosier Racing Tire will restart production on the original 26.5 and 27.5 A40 DIRTcar Tire. In addition, a 26.5 H40 will be created and be made available for purchase when sufficient inventory is in stock. Production will continue as necessary to meet sales demand on the new A40S. The legal tires for DIRTcar for the remainder of the 2015 season will be the D40, A40S, A40, and H40. Participating tracks will continue to have the right to select or limit the compounds that are used at their facilities.

In order to assist the DIRTcar competitors who may have purchased extra A40S tires, Hoosier Racing Tire has agreed to allow returns on any unused, unsiped, unaltered A40S tires. Competitors will be able to exchange these tires at no additional cost for D40’s, A40’s, or H40’s. Hoosier will work with its affiliated dealer and distributor network to facilitate these exchanges.

Hoosier Racing Tire would like to thank all DIRTcar Competitors and Promoters for their patience and cooperation. Please be assured that we will learn and improve from this experience in the future.

Shanon Rush
Hoosier Product Manager
if any one has some "S" tires with some life left in them I would like to buy several just to see what they are like---please call me at 618 654 5122---thanks