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1936 Chevy Vintage Race Car For Sale!!

Discussion in 'St. Louis Area Auto Racing Discussion' started by psabol, Aug 23, 2010.

  1. psabol

    psabol New Member

    1936 Chevy has a 6 cylinder high performance engine, straight axle, leaf springs, a quick change rear end, with one set of quick change gears and 4 12 inch aluminum racing wheels. $6500.00, any questions call John 314-799-4887.


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  2. 99

    99 Active Member

    Gateway Vintage Racing Assn. will be racing at Highland Sat. Aug. 28.
    This is a turn key race car buy it and run with us this weekend.

    People say I'm getting crankier as I get older. That's not it. I just find I enjoy annoying people a lot more now. Especially younger people!!!
  3. coupe25

    coupe25 Member

    one fast and nice race car
    Randy sr

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