2 ford motors for sale

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    here are the motor specs
    434 ci sbf
    9.5 SVO Block,
    Bore .030
    Mains STD
    Rods STD
    Super Victor Intake
    Brodix Track 1 aluminum heads CNC ported
    Eagle Crank 4.25 stroke
    Eagle rods H-beam
    Crowler roller cam
    JE flattop pistons
    Stud mount rockers
    Kevko pan ( wetsump motor )
    300 laps sinse fresh

    408 ci ford
    STD block
    SVO E heads
    Victor JR intake
    Crower flat tappet cam
    Eagle crank
    Eagle rods
    JE pistons
    Kevko pan ( wet sump )
    completely fresh

    both motors were built for dirt late models and might need a different can for drag racing.
    or buy both for $10,500
    call or text 570-240-7030 or email ctjr9@yahoo.com

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