2019 ump rules

Does anyone have a clue or inside on when Ump will release their rules for the 2019 season hate to work on a race car just to change it all a month before the season starts
I just don’t understand why they can post the rules like now or first of dec and state that they are nt in effect until after volusa or a certain date give everyone time to get stuff ready I’m sure they know what rules they want to change or modify
Ok c I’ve heard that rumor to what do they mean by flat decks will you have to have a level on it will you be able to unhook shocks when they measure so the car itself is flat nt semi rolled over will they measure off the frame? This is why we need rules now and explanation of how it is going to be checked
So got an email the other day from UMP that said we are thinking about 2019 already don’t forget to take advantage of buy your membership now in the same thinking all the racers are thinking about 2019 can they please release the rules how can they have the summer nationals already scheduled but no rules set?


#1 Rule Bender
It's pathetic how they treat the racers,,trade shows going on and you can't take advantage of show specials because you don't know what to buy. BMods guys are up in arms with no rules out yet,,wasn't this supposed to be the year for crate motors only? Would be nice if we knew. But we do have a summer nationals schedule,,LOL,,What else is new?