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4th Annual Bill Smith Memorial race / Sept 12 / Lasoski Speedway

Discussion in 'Kart-1/4 Midget Racing' started by PLile, Aug 14, 2009.

  1. PLile

    PLile New Member

    Lasoski Speedway
    4th Annual Bill Smith Memorial Race
    Warrensburg MO
    OVER $25,000 purse
    September 12, 2009
    660-232-0649 cell

    $1000.00 to win

    Jr. 1 Heavy .425 purple plate 265 lbs. 8-10 yrs.
    Jr. 2 Heavy .500 turquoise plate 290 lbs. 10-12 yrs.
    Jr. 3 Heavy .575 gold plate 320 lbs. 12-15 yrs.
    Stock Medium------------------------------ 350 lbs. 15-up
    St. Super Heavy---------------------------- 395 lbs.* 15-up
    Animal Medium---------------------------- 350 lbs. 15-up
    Animal Heavy------------------------------ 375 lbs. 15-up
    Unlimited All Star**--------------------------------------15-up
    Blue Wazoom Heavy 375 lbs. 16-up
    100cc Controlled ----------------------------------------- 15-up
    Yamaha KT100 350 lbs.
    100cc Piston Port 360 lbs.
    Pre ‘98 Reed 370 lbs.
    Post ‘98 Reed/Rotary 390 lbs.
    *driver must weigh 200 lbs. in driving apparel
    **weight per UAS rule

    Entry Fees:
    $75.00 pre-entry / $85.00 late entry
    20 kart minimum or 100% payback
    Pre-entry must be received by Sept. 5

    1st Place - $1000.00
    2nd Place - $250.00
    3rd Place - $150.00
    4th Place - $100.00
    5th Place - $ 75.00

    $600.00 to win

    Jr. 1 Light .425 purple plate 250 lbs. 8-10 yrs.
    Jr. 2 Light .500 turquoise plate 275 lbs. 10-12 yrs.
    Jr. 3 Light .575 gold plate 300 lbs. 12-15 yrs.
    Stock Light------------------------------330 lbs. 15 & up
    Stock Heavy---------------------------- 375 lbs. 15 & up
    Animal Light---------------------------- 330 lbs. 15-up
    Blue Wazoom Medium----------------350 lbs. 16-up
    Blue Clone Medium*---------------- 345 lbs. 14-up
    Blue Clone Heavy *---------------- 370 lbs. 14-up
    *Track specifications ONLY

    Entry Fees:
    $75.00 pre-entry / $85.00 late entry
    15 kart minimum or 100% payback
    Pre-entry must be received by Sept. 5

    1st Place - $600.00
    2nd Place - $200.00
    3rd Place - $150.00
    4th Place - $100.00
    5th Place - $ 75.00

    $400.00 to win

    Junior Amateur .375 restrictor 235 lbs. 7-10 yrs.
    Entry Fees:
    $65.00 pre-entry / $75.00 late entry
    15 kart minimum or 100% payback
    Pre-entry must be received by Sept. 5

    1st Place - $400.00
    2nd Place - $200.00
    3rd Place - $150.00
    4th Place - $125.00
    5th Place - $ 75.00

    Trophy Class
    Rookie .335 blue 210 lbs. 5-7yrs. (8yrs. if never raced before)
    NO Entry Fee just a pit pass

    Gates Open @ 9AM
    Registration 9:00-1:30
    Pre-Tech 10:00-1:00
    Hot Laps 2:00pm
    Pit Pass: $25.00
    Reserved Pit Spot: $25.00
    Pit Spots are 12’x40’ or 12’x60’

    Adults: $5.00
    Senior/Military w/ID: $3.00
    Children 6-12: $3.00
    Under 5: FREE

    Each kart must have 4 number panels w/ legible numbers & minimum 6” numbers.
    Black on white or white on black NO EXCEPTIONS !!
    Mufflers required in all classes, except Blue OHV Clone Medium. No grooved tires.
    NSP rules apply to engine tech

    NO REFUNDS AFTER April 18 unless race is cancelled
    Checks accepted for Pre-registration only.
    Checks will not be accepted at the Track.
    Track Promoter: Checkered Flag Promotions, LLC.
    Track Phone: 660-422-7900
    Cell Phone: 660-232-0649
    Track Physical Address: 386 NW 145 Warrensburg MO 64093
    Goggle / GPS address: 144 NW 361 Rd Warrensburg MO 64093
    Mailing Address: 16387 Slusher School Rd. Lexington MO 64067

    Mail entry form to : Lasoski Speedway 16387 Slusher School Rd. Lexington MO 64067
    Driver Name: __________________________________________________ __ Age:______________________
    Address: _________________________________City:____________ _______ State ______Zip: ___________
    Phone: _________________________ Cell Phone: ______________________ Birthdate: _____/_____/_____
    Email address:__________________________________________ ____________________________________

    Kart Class__________________________________ Kart number: _____/_____/_____
    Kart Class: _________________________________ Kart number: _____/_____/_____
    Kart Class__________________________________ Kart number: _____/_____/_____

    # of Reserved Pit Spots: ________ X $25.00 = $___________

    Length of trailer: _______________

    Length of trailer w/ tow vehicle: ___________

    If you plan to unhook your RV and want to park next to your trailer you must reserve both spots.
    Our pit spots are 12'x40' or 12'x60' depending on which row you are in.
    If you don't reserve a spot and you want to unhook the RV you will have to move the RV out of the pit area to the RV parking area.

    # of Pit Passes: ________ X $25.00 = $___________

    Amount enclosed: $__________

    One entry form per driver.
    Pre-Entry must be received by September 5, 2009. Pit spots are not considered reserved until money is received.

    The following rules which this track has adopted for the Blue OHV motors are designed to keep the Blue OHV classes competitive as possible and there will be ZERO tolerance for rule benders and cheaters. Don’t assume it is legal just because it is not listed, if in doubt ASK.

    All internal and external engine parts must remain stock as from track.
    No machining, porting, polishing, 196cc only
    No Honda or aftermarket/competitor parts allowed.
    No advanced/altered timing.
    Pump Gas only. MUST use track fuel. NO racing fuel or additives.
    Must have tie-rap on plug wire to kill engine.
    35 chain only. 219 chain is not allowed.
    2 shoe -Shoe type clutch only w/ 17 tooth driver.
    Tachometers allowed
    Engine Claim Rule: Claim is $225.00. Engine claim to include complete engine, header pipe, quick hook-up throttled linkage, custom cup adapter and air filter. Engine claim does not include clutch, engine mount, or clutch guard. Engine claim may be made by anyone running in this class following the feature event. You must notify track promoter or tech official within ten (10) minutes of the end of the feature event to claim.

    This track reserves the right to impound any motor at any time and hold for ten (10) days. If engine is found to be illegal, driver will be suspended from this class for four (4) weeks and will lose all points and awards for the season. NO EXCEPTIONS! And we will post what we find.
    If using a track motor your responsibility is ZERO unless you forget to put oil in the motor. If that happens it will cost you $125.00 and the motor will be returned to the track.
  2. PLile

    PLile New Member

    FREE Steak Dinner to everyone in the Pits
    4th Annual Bill Smith Memorial Race
    Saturday Sept. 12

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