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Discussion in 'Demo Derby Cars / Parts' started by FIREBALL, Jun 24, 2011.


    FIREBALL Well-Known Member

    i have 7 to 10 demo cars,most are full sized ford products,,one is a 76 olds wagon. one is a old school 79 lincoln town car..i price my cars at daily scrap pricing @ foster bros..LESS cats,batteries and in some cases wheels n tires...the 79 can be bought as a roller...please call 618 654 5122,,thanks,,len

  2. ripracer

    ripracer New Member

    Do you have a 9" ford rearend.

    FIREBALL Well-Known Member

    u need it for a stock car?...i have one with axles n calipers but no center section..i also have a bare floater,,call me at 618 654 5122
  4. SneakyDoughnut

    SneakyDoughnut New Member

    what year fords? box or bubble style? how much do u want for the wagon?

    FIREBALL Well-Known Member

    since nobody stepped up to buy my cars i junked most of them,,still have a 82 lincoln 2 door and a acura 5 speed coupe,,call me at 314 920 3725 if interested
  6. jaydensdad2

    jaydensdad2 New Member

    Fireball I am looking for a saturn sc2 2 door,pontiac sunfire, chevy cavalier,dodge neon. I am wanting to build a pro 4 out of any one of them. Looking for all manual 5 speeds if you come across any please let me know. Would like ecotech motors if possible but I understand how hard it is to find one.
  7. SneakyDoughnut

    SneakyDoughnut New Member

    i am not to interested in those however if you get any 70's gm or new style fords that arent two doors let me know...really looking for 98-02 cop cars if you got them if you have anything you can always call or text me at 309-536-0720 and i may be interested or know someone who is
  8. Riguy4324

    Riguy4324 New Member


    Hey fireball what type of cars do u have left and can u let me know some prices?
  9. demoman82

    demoman82 New Member

    what else do you have for sale ? and what is the price on the 76 olds wagon ?
  10. Charles Smith

    Charles Smith New Member

    do u have a 78 or newer chevy

    FIREBALL Well-Known Member

    no,i do have a 89 caddy
  12. lilal42

    lilal42 New Member

    fireball, do u have any running cars for sell?

    FIREBALL Well-Known Member

    i have non of the cars listed above BUT i have new ones but be prepaired for sticker shock...72 byscane 4 door,,solid good running car $850...85 pontiac paresian,,runs very good,,$750,,,91 ford big wagon $750,,the last two cars are sold with no cat or battery....if you can use a GM intermediate i have a v8 cutlass and a V6 buick centery $550,no cat...314 920 3725
  14. dirttracklover05

    dirttracklover05 New Member

    hey fireball do you have any 4 cylinder saturn twin cam 5 spds or cavalier ecotech 5 spds.
  15. racin90

    racin90 Well-Known Member

    Im looking for a 88-92 buick roadmaster or chev impala. Just a roller....dont need a motor or trans. Needs good floorpans as im using it for a project. Let me know if you got anything close. Thanks
  16. beard

    beard New Member

    hey fireball could i get an updated list of derby cars

    FIREBALL Well-Known Member

    nothing right now in a full sized car,,a few compacts

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