Bade Motorsports will offer an arrive and drive program for the 2004 season

Discussion in 'Kart-1/4 Midget Racing' started by Tim Bade, Jan 27, 2004.

  1. Tim Bade

    Tim Bade New Member

    I will be offering a arrive and drive program to be set up as a Junior or Senior Sportsman super can 2 cycle

    Cost is $100.00 per day

    Driving instruction available for new people Or anyone having a problem with a certian corner at Pevely. I willbe happy to assist them. I was a Instructor for the 2003 driving school at SLKA

    Contact me
    314 664 0748 work
    636 296 1553 home after 6:30 PM
  2. pinkracecar3t

    pinkracecar3t Go B12 and 94

  3. Millsey

    Millsey New Member

    Do you needs a cook?
  4. DirtSurfer

    DirtSurfer 07 Vintage Champ Staff Member

    you'd better do the atkins thing auntie....

    If you're too big in da butt to fits in a kart then you cain't be da might eats up too much profit:eek:
  5. #88dirtracker

    #88dirtracker New Member

    Are the entry fees included in the cost?
  6. missouri drifter

    missouri drifter Watching my sons race

    I will diffenitly be interested in this Tim. Are you going to have a schedule to sign up? Does this include sat. practice?
  7. missouri drifter

    missouri drifter Watching my sons race

    Is the pipe class out of the question?
  8. Tim Bade

    Tim Bade New Member

    Race fees are not included, but the price does included all of the supplies needed to run the kartfor the day (gas, oil, cleaners, & lubs

    Yes, I can have a schedule for people to sign up.

    Yes, it would be for sat practice also

    I was only planning on setting up the kart with a super can motor because of the forgivness of the can verse a pipe motor
  9. Tim Bade

    Tim Bade New Member

  10. Tim Bade

    Tim Bade New Member


    LUKERMAN Lukerman

    watch out for the glare near the pits, there always seems to be a glare wherever tim is standing:D ohh ya babyyyy. im still here.
  12. 00BusDriver

    00BusDriver Member

    Get a JOB! Lukster

    LUKERMAN Lukerman

    in all fairness, tim was a gret help when we raced at pevely. but the glare was there dude. :D

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