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Dalton Comes From Behind To Top USRA Mods At SpringfieldRaceway,Essay Heads LateModels

Discussion in 'Springfield Raceway' started by jdearing, May 10, 2009.

  1. jdearing

    jdearing Administrator Staff Member

    Springfield,Mo.Defending SpringfieldRaceway USRA Modified Champion Jackie Dalton came roaring from the 11th starting spot Sat Night despite a brush with the wall and captured his second consectutive USRA Modified feature.

    The Modified feature saw Bobby Pearish and Mitch Keeter bring the field down to a side by side battle on the start as Pearish would lead the opening 2 laps with a tight race for third including Jim Body,Erik Maggard,Brian Green.On lap 3 Keeter moved ahead as Jackie Dalton was coming quickly from the rear of the field.The only yellow waved on lap 4 as Green spun in turn 2 collecting Maggard.On the restart Dalton shot forward and was challanging Keeter to the lead.This battle went back and forth until lap 13 when Dalton scrapped the frontstretchwall while trying the outside of Keeter.Ketter pulled ahead but the race wasn't over yet as 2 laps later Dalton swung to the inside then back outside and grabbed the lead to capture his second feature win followed closely by early leader Keeter,Pearish,Steve Muilenburg and Jim Body.

    The LateModel feature had Jeremy Manes and Shane Essary occupy the front row as the LateModel point season began.Manes and Essary batled back and forth with Essary leading ealry as Chris Morelock began his run to the front along with Toby Ott.Essary began to pull away as Manes and Morelock battled for the runner-up spot.Manes strong run ended on lap 10 with problems and he pulled to the infield leaving morelock in second place with Phil Edmunson and Sundance Keeper charging forward.Morelock would get close in the closing laps,but it was Shane Essary grabbing the win followed by Morelock,Keeper,Ott and Edmundson.

    The SportMod feature saw JC Morton grab the opening lap lead only to have the yellow fly.On the restart,Morton would have a tire go down as Randy Belk grabbed the lead with Darian Hendrix,Billy Street,Jon Yeoman Jr and Steve Muilenburg following as a long green run provided tight racing action.The yellow waved on lap 12 for Mike Hailman and Billy Dalton in turn 3.On the restart,Muilenburg swung to the high groove as Belk was holding the middle line with Billy Street down low.On lap 16,Muilenburg grabbed the lead only to retire 1 lap later with problems as Belk went back to the front with Street close behind while Yeoman and Hedrix were side by side as Mike Watson was moving forward also.As the checkered flew,Belk grabbed the victory followed closely by Street,Yeoman,Hendrix and Watson.

    The Bomber feature provided tight racing all feature long as Jack Hamer grabbed the opening lead with Shawn Strong and Nathan Gold close behind.During the long green runs,Strong tried several times to take control,but Hamer would hang on early as 16th starting James Redus and 13th starting Robert High were coming forward along with Mike Willoughby.On lap 5 Strong overtook leader Hamer as Darren Crisler was moving forward also.The battle up front was nip and tuck with Strong holding off many charges by Hamer to take his first win of the season as Hamer,High,Redus and a fast moving Damon Tillman at the stripe.

    The Legends provided another close feature as Jason Rayle and Park Jones went wheel to wheel swapping the lead 5 different times before Jones took over the lead for good on lap 11 and held off a strong charge from Rob Watson in grabbing his first win of the season with Watson and Rayle crossing the line in a near photo finish as Rayle,Watson,Caleb Copher and Paul Horton completing the top 5.

    Up next at SpringfieldRaceway the USMTS Modified Touring Series come to town along with SportMods and Legends.

    Gates open at 5 with hotlaps at 6:15 and Racing at 7PM.

    A Ft-1)Shane Essary-Aurora 2)Chris Morelock-Springfield 3)Sundance Keeper-Springfield 4)Toby Ott-Waubleau 5)Phil Edmundson-Marionville 6)Kevin Brown-Crane 7)Jake Williams-Lockwood 8)Ron Johnson-Goodman 9)JP Compton-Crane 10)Dwight Neihoff-Lockwood 11)Mark Penticuff-Springfield 12)Alan Jones-Oldfield 13)Mitch Jenkins-Aurora 14)Jeremy Manes-Nixa 15)Roger Wilson-Aurora 16)Larry Campbell-Van Buren,Ark. DNS-Adam Brown-Aurora
    1st Ht-1)Manes 2)Campbell 3)Ott 4)Wilson 5)K.Brown 6)Keeper 7)Penticuff 8)Edmundson 9)A.Brown
    2nd Ht-1)S.Essary 2)Morelock 3)Johnson 4)Neihoff 5)Jones 6)Jenkins 7)Williams 8)Compton

    USRA Modifieds
    A Ft-1)Jackie Dalton-Carthage 2)Mitch Keeter-Webb City-Joplin 3)Bobby Pearish-Orongo 4)Steve Muilenburg-Sparta 5)Jim Body-Joplin 6)Eric Clay-Clever 7)Wayne Graybeal-Springfield 8)David Kirkland-Joplin 9)Darrell McWhirter-Bentonville,Ark 10)Robert Kirkland-Joplin 11)Erik Maggard-Springfield 12)Brian Green-Pierce City
    1st HT-1)Dalton 2)Pearish 3)Green 4)Maggard 5)McWirther 6)Clay
    2nd Ht-1)Keeter 2)Body 3)Muilenburg 4)Graybeal 5)D.Kirkland 6)R.Kirkland

    A Ft-1)Randy Belk-Joplin 2)Billy Street-Joplin 3)Jon Yeoman Jr-Granby 4)Darian Hendrix-Joplin 5)Mike Watson-Springfield 6)Darrin Crisler-Springfield 7)JC Morton-Springfield 8)Darrell Jackson-Carthage 9)Dallas Scott-Springfield 10)Mike Hailman-Reed Springs 11)Charlie Gentile-Sparta 12)Willie Wilson-Springfield 13)Mickey Burrell-Fair Grove 14)Billy Dalton-Reeds 15)Earl Muilenburg-Sparta 16)Steve Muilenburg-Sparta 17)Roy Maynard-Alba 18)Heath Loney-Sparta 19)Jerry Lankton-Lampe 20)Lamar Newman-Willard 21)Mark Simon-Buffalo
    1st B Ft-1)Dalton 2)Scott 3)Derek Watson-Springfield 4)Mike Barnett-Springfield 6)Jammin VanZandt-Springfield DNS-Sean Williams-Willard
    2nd B Ft-1)Lankton 2)Gentile 3)Cookie Blevins-Nixa 4)David Williams-Springfield 5)Jack Lancaster-Urbana 6)Andrew Smith-Ozark DNS-John Gamble-Springfield
    1st Ht-1)Belk 2)Street 3)Burrell 4)Newman 5)E.Muilenburg 6)Dalton 7)Taylor Huddleston-Webb City 8)VanZandt
    2nd Ht-1)Hedrix 2)Maynard 3)Simon 4)Crisler 5)Lankton 6)Lancaster 7)Gentile 8)Smith
    3rd Ht-1)Morton 2)Muilenburg 3)Jackson 4)Hailman 5)Scott 6)D.Watson 7)Williams 8)Barnett
    4th Ht-1)Yeoman 2)M.Watson 3)Loney 4)Wilson 5)Blevins 6)D.Williams 7)Gamble

    A Ft-1)Shawn Strong-Republic 2)Jack Hamer-Ava 3)Robert High-Springfield 4)James Redus-Springfield 5)Damon Tillman-Branson West 6)Darrin Crisler-Springfield 7)Mike Willoughby-Springfield 8)Tim Jones-Marshfield 9)Micheal Warnow-Mt Vernon 10)Bill Schoen-Brighton 11)Dan Wood-Springfield 12)Chris Cheever-Lebanon 13)Eric Tinderholt-Lampe 14)Richard Sanders-Springfield 15)Rex Frieze-Springfield 16)Tyler Schoen-Brighton 17)Nathan Gold-Willard 18)Landon Johnson-Lynchburg 19)Rodney Yost-Squires
    B Ft-1)Redus 2)Tillman 3)Warnow 4)Cheever 5)Keith Cossins-Springfield 6)Kolt Barker-Springfield 7)Richard Smith-Nixa 8)Kory Barker-Springfield 9)Shorty Doublin-Lebanon 10)Jeremy Minks-Bolivar DNS-Tim Bostwick-Urbana Leonard Huse Jr-Aurora Danile Harris-Springfield Tom Coffman-Springfield
    1st HT-1)High 2)Hamer 3)Jones 4)Willoughby 5)Johnson 6)Redus 7)Cossins 8)Huse Jr 9)Mincks
    2nd Ht-1)Gold 2)Tinderholt 3)T.Schoen 4)Frieze 5)Sanders 6)Bostwick 7)Tillman 8)Warnow 9)Harris 10)Coffman
    3rd Ht-1)Strong 2)Crisler 3)Yost 4)Wood 5)B.Schoen 6)Smith 7)Doublin 8)Barker 9)K.Barker 10)Cheever

    A Ft-1)Park Jones-Joplin 2)Jason Rayle-Springfield 3)Rob Watson-Clever 4)Kaleb Copher-Webb City 5)Paul Horton-Joplin 6)Tony Jensen-Joplin 7)Tyler Horton-Joplin 8)Bill Cottrill-Joplin 9)Justin Comer-Joplin 10)Billy Cottrill-Joplin 11)Trever Drake-Webb City 12)David Bauer-Joplin 13)Dave Comer-Joplin DNS-Gary Hockman-Rolla
    1st HT-1)Jones 2)D.Comer 3)Watson 4)Bill Cottrill 5)T Horton 6)Hockman 7)Billy Cottrill
    2nd Ht-1)Rayle 2)J Comer 3)Copher 4)Jensen 5)T.Horton 6)Bauer 7)Drake

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