Daytona 500

H3 Racing

Anybody else fed up with the commercials on tv constantly being interrupted with this stupid Daytona 500? Ya sit down for a nice relaxing day of advertising, and can’t get into a groove cuz the gotta throw in live racing every 15 minutes or so! Unbelievable! If I wanted to watch racing I’d go to a track or something!


What a total joke!! I almost turned it off when I heard Boogity Boogity Boogity! I managed to “force” myself and made it to the end of the first HEAT! I have a great idea for NASCRAP! When they go to the split screen for some of the MANY MANY MANY commercials, they make the “little” screen the one with the commercials!!!!


I don't like how they have a program called "Countdown To Green" before the start of the race and it still takes over a half hour to get the race started after that program.