Ed Dixons 2012 ride

Discussion in 'St. Louis Area Auto Racing Discussion' started by dlisac, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. dlisac

    dlisac Member

    546751_442139345801552_172351959446960_1999728_799825090_n.jpg 542159_442139582468195_172351959446960_1999731_1146242392_n.jpg 560611_442139495801537_172351959446960_1999730_1076681169_n.jpg

  2. RichieFor20

    RichieFor20 Member

    Great looking graphics. I like the way they flow inside the car and back out. Is this the Crate or Super LM?
  3. jdearing

    jdearing Administrator Staff Member

    This will be the Tiffany Motorsports super he will run at Federated Auto Parts Raceway at I-55...

    I agree, you don't see the deck wrapped on many cars. Very unique and looks good...
  4. racefan12

    racefan12 Lizz Schlemer

    Brian has been wrapping the decklid for some time now. Look at Craig Smiths last couple of cars. Aggeressive graphics is and has been ahead of the game!!

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  5. jdearing

    jdearing Administrator Staff Member

    I agree Brian is one of the best. I guess I just hadn't noticed the decks being done.
  6. 33cj

    33cj Honor God and Help People

    Very nicely done one of the best looking rides out there Good Luck Ed you deserve it!!!!
  7. ExRacer

    ExRacer Wildman

    Eddie enjoy your new ride which I know you will. I know you cant wait to get back on the track at I55.
  8. Harper4418

    Harper4418 Member

    Wow i haven't seen hovis on the side of a car in a few years.......
  9. racingfan03

    racingfan03 Well-Known Member

    In my opinion, that car is hideous. And most people don't wrap decks due to the added cost.
  10. 20rocks

    20rocks Active Member

    looking forward to seeing that car in action hope he comes to belleville. looks good!
  11. PitBoss

    PitBoss Member

    I agree. It looks like the car had a head on collision with a couple of gallons of paint or was shot at with a paint gun!
  12. dixon#1

    dixon#1 Member

    as long as it puts him back in victory lane i dont care , im more of a no show all go but good luck ed !
  13. ptony39

    ptony39 New Member

    And at belle Claire speedway, if not this week for sure next week. So just in case you all better head out to BC this weekend.

    PITDRIFTER Motorsports

    Different looking than anything Ed's ever had that's for sure. Kinda reminds me of Voigt's scheme last year.
  15. dirtcrazy

    dirtcrazy Member

    great looking car

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