Escort flywheel on a 2.3

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by Gcreech, Feb 5, 2012.

  1. Gcreech

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    What escort flywheel are ford 2.3 guys use on 2.3 engines to save turning weight. what clutch/pressure plate are ya using?

  2. coloradojoe

    coloradojoe coloradojoe

    I think the escort 1.9 flywheel has a different bolt pattern for the crankshaft, and clutch splines are different I was going to run one on my boys mini ford, couldn't figure it out because of that, maybe someone else might know
  3. kslle

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    we did it years ago, can't remember what year works, but you also have to use a different throw out bearing
  4. You need a fly wheel from a 91/96 escort or tracer with a 1.9 sohc engine(16.5 lbs). Also a longer throw out bearing Timken # 614037 for a 70's model straight 6 cylinder chevy truck. Also use shorter flywheel bolts. Use flex plate bolts or shorter grade 8 bolts with loctite. The stock flywheel bolts are too long for the thinner flywheel the shoulder will hit the flywheel before tightening on the crank all the way.
  5. Gcreech

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    Thanks Dirttracker 44
  6. little302

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    I have a small addition....mill 100 thousands off of it first. Be sure to put the alignment pins back in. You will lose a pound or 2. The 80's mustang pressure plate is lighter than the Escort, and Pinto/Bobcat/Mustang II, by 2 and a half pounds, and Id have to get in my notes to see which clutch was lighter. We combined parts from the Mustang, Pinto, and Escort, and killed 7 pounds with stock, unmachined parts.

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    Really??? Dang I was using the wrong one all along........

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