Farmer City Raceway was back in action Friday night as Daren Friedman, Donny Walden and Richie Hedri

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    After three weeks of being idle due to inclement weather, the racers and the fans at Farmer City Raceway were treated to some exciting races Friday night. The late model portion of the evening started with Donny Walden turning in fast time at 12.849 seconds. Daren Friedman beat Donny Walden to the checkered flag in the first heat, followed by Terry Babb, Tim Lance and Mike Petersak. The second heat was a thriller, as young Jimmy Dehm took the checkers over a charging Richie Hedrick, followed by Jeremy Conaway, Eric Smith and Charley Hess.

    The feature was another exciting race that started with Daren Friedman and Jimmy Dehm on the front row. Friedman took the lead at the green flag, but was hounded by Walden the entire distance. At the mid-point of the race, Walden pulled alongside and led a lap, and stayed right with Friedman for a number of laps. With seven to go, Richie Hedrick decided to join the fun and make it three wide while they were slicing and dicing their way through lapped traffic. Friedman held on for the win, followed by Hedrick, Walden, Tim Lance and Eric Smith.
    89 Daren Friedman
    0 Richie Hedrick
    1W Donny Walden
    48 Tim Lance
    9 Eric Smith
    40 Charley Hess
    91 Terry Babb
    99J Jimmy Dehm
    22 Chris Dick
    1G Rocky Griffin
    JP7 Mike Petersak
    74 Russ Adams
    f15 Jeremy Conaway
    z45 Paul Zehr
    99 Brian Crebo

    The modified class saw Kankakee's Chad Osterhoff turn in fast time of the 29 modifieds on hand at 14.449 seconds. The first heat went to Jeremy Nichols over Chad Osterhoff, Cody Bauman, Jeb Friedman, and Rory Obermeyer Sr. The second heat went to Gary Cook Jr over Denny Schwartz, Danny Schwartz, Randy Huffman and Matt Barker. The third heat went to Renssalaer Indiana's Derek Losh over Jeff Leka, Justin DeLong, Andy Clark and Erik Bruce. The semi went to Cody Schwengel over Jeff Curl and Justin McCoy. The feature event had the first half of the race with eight drivers trying to get the lead, all within striking distance of the leader as they raced three and four cars wide. Eventually, Denny Schwartz would come out with the lead, and it became necessary to have a #21 on the side of your car to do good, as #21s Denny Schwartz won the race followed by #21 Derek Losh, and #21D Danny Schwartz. They were followed to the checkers by Jeremy Nichols, Justin DeLong, Erik Bruce, Jeff Leka, Randy Huffman, Chad Osterhoff, Jeff Curl, Cory Schwengel and Jeb Friedman. Early in the race, Rob Bauman was in the hunt for the lead, but had some bad luck in a spin, which officials declared was caused by Jeff Leka, Leka would go to the rear, and two laps later, Bauman was involved in another incident sidelining him for the night.

    The crate late model class had thirteen cars with the first heat going to Allen Thomas.The number 15 of Smithson had been leading Nick Bauman at the white flag but when Allen Thomas went to the middle, contact was made and Thomas was spun. Thomas was put back in second place with Bauman in the rear. When the green flag dropped once again, Thomas powered out around Smithson and went on to the checkers, followed by Smithson, Bobby Pierce and Nick Bauman. The second heat went to Nick Macklin over Jim Moon after last lap contact, followed by Travis Johnson and Matt Beadles.
    Come feature time, the first few laps were four wide, until the number 1 of Jim Moon took under control and started to runaway, but slipped up the backstretch halfway through, handing the lead to Allen Thomas. Thomas tonight put his name in there as someone to be dealt with in this class. Following the pattern of last lap contact, once again there was contact after the white flag, and Nick Bauman came home the winner in front of Allen Thomas, followed by Jim Moon, Bobby Pierce and Nick Macklin.

    The streetstockers also decided to drive 3-4 wide the entire distance, with Terry Miller taking the win over Chuck Barnes Jr, Greg Rubenacker, Jim Quinn, Jeff Semmens, Chris Tackett, Troy Dodson and Josh Griffith. Earlier heat wins went to Troy Dodson over Terry Miller, and to Chris Tackett over Josh Griffith.

    The kidmodz were once again present, with Heidi Goodman taking the heat and feature win. Both times it was over Kyle Hammer and Logan Moody.

    The hornet class saw heat races go to Eric Wisher over Tom Craig, and Jason Maier over Eric Wilson. The feature went to Eric Wisher over Eric Wilson, followed by Jason Maier, Matt Maier and Bob Sanders.

    All racing action was complete at 10:30

    Racenut.... Dan Stewart....

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