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  1. little302

    little302 Nut behind the wheel

    Websters lists Gratuity as, a present, or free gift. Where does 18% come into play???? Any takers????

  2. little302

    little302 Nut behind the wheel

    I guess salvation from God is considered gratuity...I dont recall Him requesting 18% though....:D
  3. Millsey

    Millsey New Member

    DAMN THAT PISSES ME OFF when they just decide they are just going to add 16 or 18 percent. It's something that the customer gives for good service... NO TIP means the service ****ed. The better the tip the better the service was. There's a few restaurants in this area that have started putting those little signs on their cash registers about the "tip" will be added to your ticket. THAT'S BULL SHIP... There's no better way to lose customers than to tell them what they will and will not do with their own money.
  4. Millsey

    Millsey New Member

    I wont work for some crook that tries to steal money from their customers by charging them an automatic gratuity. If you not good enough to earn a tip then you sure shouldnt demand one.
  5. vintage racer

    vintage racer got any parts?

    Amen Aut Jemima. You tell it how it is girl!!!
  6. racewidow

    racewidow I'm just drawn that way.. Staff Member

    I'm not necesssarily condoning it, but I can tell you why most resturaunts add gratuity on parties of 8 or more. I've worked in at least a couple resturaunts in my life and it's really frustrating for a waitress to give up her table for at least 2 hours for larger parties, work her butt off serving them only to have them all leave stiffing her a tip. I've seen it happen hundreds of times. It may be because they think it's automatically added to the check, or that they thought someone else may have left a tip or whatever reason. I can tell you, waitresses don't make all that much money from their bosses - they depend on those tips from their customers and it's cut in their pocketbooks to lose out on a tip from a larger table.

    Like I said, I'm not condoning it, just explaining why. Personally, I'm a big tipper when the service is good and most would get more than 18% from me - the way I see it, they're losing out when they add it in already.
  7. Millsey

    Millsey New Member

    Most of the time you are right. They do actually lose money with a large number of customers when you DEMAND those 16 to 18 percent gratuity, because of the fact they probably would have received more if they had done their job properly.

    I wonder what would happen if you REFUSED to pay that "tip?" I mean if you just said "Screw You, I'll pay you what I want, if any?"
  8. Millsey

    Millsey New Member

    I've got another one for you....

    Say you are at McDonalds drive-thru. You order a hamburger, fries and soda for $5. And then you hear.

    "I'm sorry sir, but the fries are still coming up. Would you mind pulling over there and we'll bring it out to you."

    What if you told them, "HELL NO. I'm in a hurry and you'll just jack around with my order now that you've got me off your clock and out of the way."

    I've always wanted to do that. After all, they've already got your money, what are you going to do after they stick your butt over there. If the order is screwed up, you are really screwed.

    LET'S DO IT!!!
  9. Rock Lover

    Rock Lover New Member

    When I was at Bailey's Pub & Grill in Farmington they wanted to charge us a big extra charge because there was 7 of us. We just sat at seperate tables. When you think about it that horrible to have to do that so you don't get unfairly charged. Their prices are way too high anyway.

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