Herrera Denies ASCS Rocky Mountain Bounty Hunters with Aztec Sweep!

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    Lonnie Wheatley, AZTEC, N.M. (September 20, 2008) – Johnny Herrera denied a legion of American Sprint Car Series Rocky Mountain Region bounty hunters by winning Saturday night's 25-lap series season finale at Aztec Speedway, putting the wraps on the track's 29th Annual Floyd Reynolds Memorial.

    Herrera completed a sweep of the weekend double and ran his undefeated streak in ASCS Rocky Mountain Region action within the state of New Mexico to twelve in a row, collecting for himself the $1,000 bounty that had been put up for any driver that could topple "Hollywood" Herrera over the weekend.

    He had to work for this one though, as ASCS Southwest shoe Ben Gregg made a valiant effort to collect the bounty.

    With Herrera gridding the field outside the third row, Gregg gunned into the lead at the outset only to find Herrera challenging by the second round. The pair swapped sliders numerous times over the first half of the race before Herrera finally established command on the way to his seventh ASCS Rocky Mountain Region victory of the year.

    Gregg settled for second, while 17-year-old Derrik Ortega put the finishing touches on the series championship with a third-place run. Rickey Hood was fourth, with Dustin Hall rounding out the top five.

    Chad Corken raced from 19th to sixth, with 17th-starter Ricky Montgomery, Julee Jamison, James High and Jody Williams completing the top ten.

    Bob Schaeffer, Joshua Hodges and Hall each won heat races, while Montgomery charged from the tail of the field to win the "B" Main.

    ASCS Rocky Mountain Region Results from Aztec Speedway:

    Locked in from Friday Night's Feature: 45x-Johnny Herrera, 3d-Rickey Hood, 35-Derrik Ortega, 77x-Colt Treharn.

    Heat Winners (10 Laps): Bob Schaeffer, Joshua Hodges, Dustin Hall.

    "B" Feature (10 Laps): 1. 9m-Ricky Montgomery, 2. 0j-Jeremy McCune, 3. 11-Chad Corken, 4. 78-Jody Williams, 5. F2-L.C. Kesterson, 6. 22J-John Gaston, 7. 22m-Jesse Baker, 8. 21p-Paul Whitehead, 9. 9-Billy Page, 10. 61-Cory Schultz, 11. 99x-Chuck Jackson, 12. 05-Justin Wolf Medlock, 13. 77-Mark Sweet, 14. 57-Don Stoutner.

    “A” Feature (25 Laps): 1. 45x-Johnny Herrera, 2. 22b-Ben Gregg, 3. 35-Derrik Ortega, 4. 3d-Rickey Hood, 5. 74u-Dustin Hall, 6. 11-Chad Corken, 7. 9m-Ricky Montgomery, 8. 3-Julee Jamison, 9. 23-James High, 10. 78-Jody Williams, 11. 74x-Joshua Hodges, 12. 99-Jake Ossenfort, 13. 93-Bob Schaeffer, 14. 0j-Jeremy McCune, 15. F2-L.C. Kesterson, 16. 77x-Colt Treharn, 17. 8-Brett Ream, 18. 10-Danielle Ossenfort, 19. 5-Kyle McCutcheon, 20. 15-Bud Goodwin, 21. 27-Patrick Bourke.

    ASCS Rocky Mountain Region Points (Top Ten): 1. Derrik Ortega 2,150, 2. Jeremy McCune 1,860, 3. Colt Treharn 1,854, 4. Chad Corken 1,853, 5. Bob Schaeffer 1,844, 6. Danielle Ossenfort 1,761, 7. Jake Ossenfort 1,752, 8. Dustin Hall 1,622, 9. Justin Wolf Medlock 1,375, 10. Mark Sweet 1,357.

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