Highland SN updates 6/20/12

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  1. racingfan03

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    Late Model Qualifying

    Group 1
    Order: Cole, Riggs, Bauman, Feger, Manville, Jacober, White, Henry, Lance, Ta English, Unzicker
    Result: Unzicker 14.096, Feger, Ta English, Cole, Jacober, Riggs, White, Henry, Manville, Lance, Bauman

    Group 2
    Order: Voigt, Jarvis, Shirley, Pierce Jr, Bartels, McBride, C Zobrist, Schulte, Lierly, Kuhn, 7
    Result: Pierce 14.132, Shirley, Zobrist, Voigt

    Group 3
    Order: Shelton, Heckenast, Stapleton, Burgtorf, Thorsden, Kloos, Martin, Babb, Ashby, Melvin
    Result: Heckenast 14.280, Melvin, Stapleton, Kloos, Babb

    Group 4
    Order: Weaver, Hammerlee, Schlenk, Spatola, Sheppard, Moyer Jr, J Zobrist, Korte, Tishauser, Wallace
    Result: Wallace 14.6xx, Korte, Schlenk, Weaver, Sheppard

    Track is awful. Already dry slick and nothing up top. Even the regulars are having problems. Track fell off considerably.
  2. 49snake

    49snake Member

    That's highland for ya dog and pony show
  3. racingfan03

    racingfan03 Well-Known Member

    They're working the track...still. Have been since qualifying ended.
  4. racingfan03

    racingfan03 Well-Known Member


    Heat 1
    Lineup: 24h, 16, 11, 55v, 84, 05, 19, 25k, 32
    Result: Harrison, Sellers, Griffaw, Deibert, Brooks, Cummins, Venhaus, Korves

    Heat 2
    Lineup: 36, 79, 13, 6, 6, 72, 55, 2m
    Result: Wallace, Klein, Ketrow, Demoss, Bauman, Smith, 72, 2m, 66

    Heat 3
    Lineup: 42, g1, 12, 6b, 24j, 66t, 25t, 71
    Result: Menser, Lach, Curl, 6b, Steinkoenig, 66, Tribout, Tidwell

    Follow the leader around the bottom so far.
  5. racingfan03

    racingfan03 Well-Known Member

    Late Models (top 4 transfer)

    Heat 1
    Lineup: 24, 25, 96t, 81c, 22, 81jr, 54, 15h, 33m, 25L, 77
    Result: Feger, Unzicker, Cole, Henry, English, Jacober, 25, Riggs, Manville, Bauman, White
  6. racingfan03

    racingfan03 Well-Known Member

    Heat 2

    Lineup: 32p, 3s, 78, 30v, 77m, 11k, 7e, 27s, 7L, 27, 30j
    Result: Shirley, Pierce, McBride, Zobrist, Erb, Kuhn, Schulte, Voigt, 27, Lierly, Jarvis
  7. racingfan03

    racingfan03 Well-Known Member

    Heat 3

    Lineup: 99jr, 27m, 32, 6k, 18, 7t, 15r, 61, 16s, 25
    Result: Babb, Melvin, Burgtorf, Heckenast, Kloos, Stapleton, Martin, Shelton, Thorsten, Ashby (DNF)

    Shelton drove over top Ashby and Ashby got out and kicked Sheltons car in turn 1
  8. racingfan03

    racingfan03 Well-Known Member

    Heat 4

    Lineup: 6m, 00, 91, b12, 1, 89, 87, t4, 21jr, 16h
    Result: Korte, Wallace, Weaver, Sheppard, Spatola, Schlenk, Zobrist, Moyer Jr, Hammerlee, Tishauser
  9. racingfan03

    racingfan03 Well-Known Member


    Heat 1
    Lineup: 6i, 59, t24, 54, 30, 32t, 66
    Result: Isaak, Worley, Horstman, Carson, Tomkins, 59, t24

    Heat 2
    Lineup: 6, 36, 8t, 9x, 29, 29h, 441
    Result: Hewitt, Fohne, Isaak, Eilers, Harris, Hartnaegel, 441
  10. racingfan03

    racingfan03 Well-Known Member

    Late Models...heat race winners redrew.

    Korte Shirley
    Feger Babb
  11. racingfan03

    racingfan03 Well-Known Member


    Heat 1
    Finish: Bauer, Schantz, 0, Horner, Eilerman

    DNF: Eggbert, Kehrer, Hemken, Bindrum (was leading, hit the tire and rolled hard - was ok)

    Heat 2
    Finish: Rexing, Funderbunk, Elliot, Shaw, Robke, 35, Santel, Lee
  12. ledham24

    ledham24 New Member

    Thank you for all the updates.....
  13. racingfan03

    racingfan03 Well-Known Member

    Late Models (top 2 transfer to B)

    C Main 1
    Lineup: 81jr, 16, 33m, 7t, 77, 61, 54
    Result: Riggs, Manville, Shelton, Bauman, Thorsten(DNF)

    DNS: Ashby, White
  14. racingfan03

    racingfan03 Well-Known Member

    C Main 2

    Lineup: 30v, 21jr, 27, 16h, 7L, t4, 30j
    Result: Voigt, Hammerlee, Lierly, Bartels, Moyer
    Jr (DNF)

    DNS: Tishauser, Jarvis

    Moyer jr started at the tail and pulled off
  15. racingfan03

    racingfan03 Well-Known Member

    Modifieds (top 5)

    B Main
    Lineup: 19, 55, 66t, 55v, 72, 25t, 25k, 2m, 71, 66s, 32
    Result: Cummins, Smith, 66t, 72, Korves, 66, Tribout, Venhaus, 2m, Tidwell, 32
  16. racingfan03

    racingfan03 Well-Known Member

    Late Models (top 2)

    B Main
    Lineup: 96t, 7e, 6k, 89, 22, 11k, 32, 91, 25L, 27s, 25, 87, 81jr, 30v, 33, 16h
    Result: Erb, English, Spatola, Kloos, Kuhn, 25L, Martin, Hammerlee, Schulte, Zobrist, Riggs
    DNF: Jacober, Stapleton, Schlenk, Voigt, Manville
  17. racingfan03

    racingfan03 Well-Known Member

    Late model feature

    Lineup: 00, 3s, 25, 18, 24, 32, 27, 6m, 81c, 77, 99, b12, 15, 78, 15r, 1, 7e, 96, 21jr, 91, 25, 89
    Finish: Melvin, Korte,Feger, Babb, Shirley, Pierce, Unzicker, Wallace, Weaver, Sheppard, Henry, Spatola, Zobrist, English, Erb

    DNF: Schlenk, Burgtorf, Moyer Jr, Martin, Cole, McBride

    Green to checkers, Korte led all but last lap
  18. ledham24

    ledham24 New Member

    Congrats to Rodney on his win!!!!!
  19. racingfan03

    racingfan03 Well-Known Member

    Modified feature

    Lineup: 24h, 36, g1, 11, 13, 42, 16, 6k, 12, 84, 79d, 6b, 05, 6, 24j, 19, 55, 66t, 72, 25k, 55v, 32
    Result: Harrison, Wallace, Lach, Menser, Sellers, Klein, 6b, Curl, Deibert, Griffaw, 6, Demoss, Ketrow, 05, Steinkoenig, 66, Venhaus, Smith, Korves, Cummins, 32, 72

    DNF: Korves

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