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Impressive Race Cars!!

Discussion in 'St. Louis Area Auto Racing Discussion' started by racer94, Nov 12, 2009.

  1. racer94

    racer94 Active Member

    My wife and I took our new Impressive to Jumper and the boys Yesterday to get some updates,ect.While we were waiting we went shopping at SCP for a few things.I cannot even begin to Express how happy i am with the work they did,and the service i got.I dropped the car off at 10am and i picked it up at 2 pm and took it home.Jumper was more then willing to give me any info i needed.You always hear the bad on here and nobody ever puts the good so i wanted to say thanks to Impressive.Not only are these cars Fast,But the service after the sale is second to none!

    Joey Potter #94
  2. JGRacing

    JGRacing New Member

    Don Jumper is a good guy to work with.
  3. Sinner

    Sinner New Member

    I don't think you will find any better guy in racing to work with than Don at least that as been my experience.

    Greg Sinn #14s

    HWORRELL Member

    Dang Joey......... You switch classes more than Willie Nelson lights them left handed cigarettes......:eek::eek::eek::eek::D


    Good stuff guys...nice to hear some positive posts on here.
  6. racer94

    racer94 Active Member

    Lmao,that Hilarious howard.:D:)

    What can i say,I like all classes and if it has wheels,ill race it.I think i've Finally Piloted a car in every class.I can say i do miss the modifieds and its stupid to pass a track up every week thats a mile from the house..

    HWORRELL Member

    Ya ain't done a midget yet. :eek:
  8. racer94

    racer94 Active Member

    ive wanted ronnie franklin to let me try his out fer years,never got the chance.Bet ur azz if i had the chance to sit my butt in one id for sure do it...your and old midget guy,throw one together and let me test it out:)

    HWORRELL Member

    Oh,o.k. I'll git right on that.:p:) Or ya could get on Midgetmadness and rent cha one fer the ChiliBowl.;)
  10. The Chief

    The Chief The Chief

    Impressive race Cars A+
  11. pc36

    pc36 Member

    Wonder how much Don paid that man to say that !!!!
  12. who's next

    who's next New Member

    That's good stuff!!!!!!!

    PITDRIFTER Motorsports

    It pays to advertise.... :D
  14. dirt hound

    dirt hound Registered User

    dirt girl twisted his arm:D:D:D
  15. bryanracing55

    bryanracing55 New Member

    I agree, Ya got to say thats Impressive :D:D
  16. Groove Grabber

    Groove Grabber Blood Type: Motor Oil

    I 100% agree with everything everyones posted! I dont own an Impressive, never have but when I drove a car of another brand and needed help, the guys there especially Kenny Rumble, went above and beyond to see that I walked away happy. If I ever do get back into the mods, they will be the 1st call I make.

    Shane Cockrum
  17. Grange

    Grange Range 65

    We are talking about Don Jumper??????? Maybe you have him confused with Dave Jumper.

    Did they try and feed you the kool-aid while you were there?

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