James Wins At Malden - Again - Twice

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    By David Darnell
    Billy James out dueled Todd Hall to pick up his seventh Late Model win in seven trips to the Malden Speedway Friday night. James was also the substitute driver for Charles Morrisett in the 54A car and picked up a Hobby Stock win. Joining James in victory lane were Dicky Jackson in the Modifieds, Johnny Houart in Street Stock, Tim Prine in E-Mods, and the team of Tim and Kenny Doublin in the Cruisers.

    The highlight of Baker Implement Night at the Malden Speedway was the 30 lap Late Model feature. The early part of the race was a three way battle between pole sitter Joey Mack, Todd Hall, and ultimate winner Billy James.
    With Mack and Hall battling side by side, James split the difference coming out of turn two to take the lead on the third lap. Mack and Hall rejoined James on the following front straight for some three wide racing. Mack dove under James to regain the lead, only to lose it a half lap later on the front straight to Hall. Hall led through lap eight while Mack and James battled side by side for a couple of laps before James took over the spot.
    By lap 11, James had closed to Hall's bumper and he pulled even a lap later.
    It took two laps to complete the pass, but on lap 14 James had the lead for good. The second half of the race was spent in lapped traffic, but James continued to build on his lead and by the finish had lapped up to sixth spot. Hall built a good margin on Mack and took second place. Jeff Moss closed the gap from Mack to battle for third but Mack held on. Steve Rushin took fifth. Heat winners were Mack and Hall.


    12 Entries - 12 Start Feature

    1. 5 Jr. Billy James Sikeston

    2. 99 Todd Hall Charleston

    3. 97M Joey Mack Benton

    4. J2 Jeff Moss Harrisburg, AR

    5. 14 Jr. Steve Rushin Poplar Bluff

    6. 3C Charles LaPlant East Prairie

    7. 41 Jarryd Holshouser Boaz, KY

    8. 13 Dewayne Kiefer Bloomsdale

    9. 45 Scott Bell East Prairie

    10. 11X John Stephens Dexter


    After 12 Events

    1. Todd Hall 387

    2. Scott Bell 359

    3. John Stephens 356

    4. Jeff Moss 354

    5. Scott Gibbs 285

    6. Joey Mack 265

    7. Billy James 246

    8. Gary Springs 201

    9. Dewayne Kiefer 183

    10. Steve Rushin 164


    Dicky Jackson won his first Modified feature of the year Friday night.
    Jackson jumped to the lead from the pole position. Early in the race, Jackson's toughest challenge came from Claudie Cook in the Mee 2 car. Cook and Austin Mathews battled side by side for the second spot before Cook took the position. Jackson had built a comfortable margin during Cook and Mathew's battle, but was brought back to the pack by a lap 7 caution for debris. On the restart, Mike Francis overtook Mathews for third and passed Cook on lap 10. Francis challenged Jackson for a couple of laps with a scary development on lap 12. The two leaders got tangled together going down the front straight, but both kept control of their vehicles and it was no harm no foul and the race continued. Jackson pulled away from that point and picked up the win. Francis was joined by Greg King on lap 18 and that pair raced side by side for the second spot the final two laps of the race, with King making the pass coming out of turn four for the spot. King had moved up from the 10th starting position to finish second. Cook took fourth and Mathews picked up his first top five finish of the year. Heat winners were Jackson and Cook.


    11 Entries - 11 Start Feature

    1. D7 Dicky Jackson Paragould

    2. 1 Greg King Sikeston

    3. 1 Mike Francis Fredericktown

    4. Mee 2 Claudie Cook Portageville

    5. 67 Austin Mathews Dexter

    6. 5 Tim Webb Senath

    7. 10 Troy Fowler Portageville

    8. I-24 Shane Moody Bernie

    9. 82 Gene Fowler Portageville

    10. 3 Les Vannasdale New Madrid


    After 12 Events

    1. Mike Francis 465

    2. Greg King 342

    3. Troy Fowler 310

    4. Claudie Cook 282

    5. Robby Arnold 274

    6. Shane Moody 271

    7. Tim Webb 253

    8. Larry Hull 224

    9. Robert Powers 202

    10. Jeff Greene 194


    Billy James was Charles Morrisett's hired gun this week in the 54A car and led all 15 laps for the win. James started on the second row, but dove under front row starters Doug Moore and Claudie Cook coming out of turn two and was quickly in the lead. Moore and Cook had quite a back and forth battle for the second spot while James opened his lead to an insurmountable margin. Moore settled in to the second spot mid race. The leaders encountered lapped traffic on lap 12 and finished the race that way. On the final lap, Matt Scherenberg spun in turn two just as the two leaders got by.
    The rest of the top five had to make a snazzy move to avoid the 32 car as the white flag had flown and no caution was called. Amazingly, all the cars got through and the final positions were unchanged. Greg Sparks and Darrell Kelly rounded out the top five. Moore and Cook won the heat races.


    14 Entries - 14 Start Feature

    1. 54A Billy James Sikeston

    2. 007 Doug Moore Dexter

    3. 54C Claudie Cook Portageville

    4. 68 Greg Sparks Malden

    5. 25 Darrell Kelly Birch Tree

    6. J3 Jimmy Cornell Qulin

    7. 94 Scott Tracer Rector, AR

    8. KZ 8 Lee Redden Steele

    9. J19 Jason Palmer Bernie

    10. 41 Jeff Wallace Blytheville, AR


    After 12 Events

    1. Doug Moore 450

    2. Claudie Cook 423

    3. Greg Sparks 406

    4. Scott Tracer 380

    5. Lee Redden 317

    6. Tony Anglin 297

    7. Tim Winchester 268

    8. Darrell Kelly 259

    9. Chuck Tilley 249

    10. Jason Palmer 240


    Johnny Houart won an exciting but drawn out Street Stock race. It was Houart's fourth win of the point season and required an engine tear down as per track rules. Houart's 34 car passed the inspection and he held on for the win. In the race there were seven caution flags thrown the final six laps of the race to break the rhythm of the drivers. Houart pulled away after each caution flag and led all 15 laps for the win. The battle for second saw many drivers hold the spot for varying amounts of time. On the restart of a lap nine caution, Paul Reeder, who was running second, slid up in turn two and bumped Michael Lack knocking both drivers out of contention for the race. Reeder's car was too damaged to continue and Lack was sent to the back of the pack for stopping on the track. Kyle Berry moved into the second spot for a short time before Aaron Darby took the position for good on lap 10. Greg Casey out dueled Doug Moore for the third spot. Berry apparently took fifth, but surrendered the position when the 00 car was too light at the scales. Chris Cannon inherited the fifth spot for his first top five finish of the year. Heat winners were Reeder, Jeff Beeson, Doug Moore, and Houart


    24 Entries - 21 Start Feature

    1. 34 Johnny Houart Gideon

    2. 29 Aaron Darby Portageville

    3. 42A Greg Casey Sikeston

    4. 3 Doug Moore Dexter

    5. 42C Chris Cannon Sikeston

    6. 4 Jeff Beeson Benton

    7. 98 Mike Massie Van Buren

    8. 84 Danny Hampton Sikeston

    9. 83 Jon Simmons Bragg City

    10. 85 Chuck Tilley Essex


    After 12 Events

    1. Paul Reeder 456

    2. Aaron Darby 422

    3. Johnny Houart 336

    4. Mike Massie 317

    5. Coot Wilson 307

    6. Mike Elliott 284

    7. Jason Simpson 237

    8. Scott Wicker 228

    9. Jeff Beeson 225

    10. Michael Lack 214


    Tim Prine led all 12 laps of the E-Mod feature to pick up his second checkered flag of the year. Jeff Jarrell challenged Prine early, but a spin knocked Jarrell to the back of the pack. Jamie Daughhotee took over the second spot but could not keep up with Prine at first. Daughhotee improved as the race wore on and finished the race within a car length of the leader.
    Tracy Redden picked up third. Jarrell finished in the fourth spot followed by Derek Despain in the 5Z car. Heat winners were Prine and Daughhotee.


    10 Entries - 8 Start Feature

    1. 3T Tim Prine Jonesboro

    2. 31 Jamie Daughhotee Paragould, AR

    3. 27 Tracy Redden Clarkton

    4. 67 Jeff Jarrell Dexter

    5. 5Z Derek Despain Morley

    6. 34 Todd Gibbs Bloomfield

    7. 25 Shane Eubanks Dexter

    8. 80 M Jeff McGhee Van Buren


    After 12 Events

    1. Tim Prine 477

    2. Justin McBroom 400

    3. Jeff Jarrell 350

    4. Jeff McGhee 345

    5. Jamie Daughhotee 262

    6. Todd Gibbs 238

    7. Tracy Redden 220

    8. Jim Eubanks 207

    9. Roy Ward 151

    10. Holbrook Mitchell 148


    Kenny and Tim Doublin led from start to finish to pick up their second Cruiser feature of the year. Danny Foster in the 10-4 car took second in his first trip to the speedway this year. Doublin & Doublin also won the heat race.


    5 Entries - 5 Start Feature

    1. 90W Doublin & Doublin Wappapello

    2. 10-4 Foster & ??? Essex

    3. Lucky 13 Brown & Dunning Broseley

    4. 84 Null & Null Puxico

    5. 88J Wayne & Harbrueger Kennett

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