Kudos to Belle-Clair Concessions

Discussion in 'St. Louis Area Auto Racing Discussion' started by Darkstar44, Apr 5, 2012.

  1. Darkstar44

    Darkstar44 Active Member

    The long line problem appears to be rectified and the food was great. I had a pork k-bob and an ear of sweet corn that was delicious and the wait was only about five minutes. Much improved over last week and especially last year. Best race track food I've had except for the fried balogna sandwich at Kentucky Lake. lol. Good job Belle-Clair.

    Brian #44

  2. jpugh

    jpugh Well-Known Member

    On the east side, they now have two areas open as of last week. They each appear to be stocked with different items. If you are on the east side check that out.
  3. dirtmodified28

    dirtmodified28 Active Member

    which side is the east side Jack?
  4. mvalentine

    mvalentine Member

    food was good & line was shorter as everybody said, but would still like bottled soda as an option
  5. dirt hound

    dirt hound Well-Known Member

    opposite side of the west side lol
  6. jpugh

    jpugh Well-Known Member

    Back straight side if you don't know your directions.
  7. johnypasta

    johnypasta Just call me JP Staff Member

    Pork Kabobs.... Yumm Yummm - Get Ya Sum!!!!

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