looking to trade purestock/ SS for b-mod

Discussion in 'Modifieds' started by old#7, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. old#7

    old#7 New Member

    looking to trade my purestock for b-mod i have add in spotsman / SS section.......also have a nice 2001 mint kx250 i would trade for the rt b-mod roller

  2. racin90

    racin90 Well-Known Member

    My dad has a sportsman that can currently run as a b mod with no adjustments. He does have an 08 dirtworks.....marty smiths old car....that he would trade but it has to be a really good car with a floater 9 inch. Either way...........let me know if interested. Thanks. Pm me here or email me mikehartlori@hotmail.com. Pics of the sportsman are in the sportsman classified. Working on pics of the dirtworks
  3. DirtSurfer

    DirtSurfer 07 Vintage Champ Staff Member

    Send more pics to me:
  4. old#7

    old#7 New Member

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