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    My name is Alison Sterbenz 'm a 17 year old girl from Iowa, this season I'd like to race street stock/ stock car. I have a car being built but there are many ?'s I have. first of all how do I preapare for the season, what are the basic things i need to know about my car? see racing runs through my blood cuz i have like 6 cousins that race anything from 4 cyl, hobby stock, street stock, mod and late model. but they all say i'd be better off to get a go kart. well this makes me want to prove them wrong, so how do I get sponsors and where do I go and all that. I know where I want to race what car, what colors numbers and all i hve a few sponsors but no paying sponsors. so how can i prove them wrong how can a be come a great driver? any suggestions I'm an open book! alison luvracin_ia2@yahoo.com ! so someone plz help me.

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    Before every season start I make a list of parts being as detailed as I can. You may need help with this from someone who has raced for a few years. When the list is done and you add up all the parts, ask yourself can I afford it, if so great, if not you need to go down a class or get more sponsors. Here's a few websites that you should have in your bookmarks/fav.
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    good luck girl i know how you feel dont worry i am a 17 year old girl and this will be my first year!!! pm me we got alot to talk about!!!
    always shannon
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    i was told when i started that seat time will help and u will progress as time goes on. but u have to never forget why u are out there, cuz its fun. dont get cought up in all the pollitical stuff that goes on and u will be fine. good luck!!!

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