Mt V (2) spin & out rule?

Discussion in 'Mt. Vernon Raceway' started by littleFILK, May 2, 2005.

  1. littleFILK

    littleFILK New Member

    Does Mt Vernon SPeedway have a 2 spin and your out rule this year?This is a simple YES or NO question that deserves to be answered.

  2. Tim Herbst

    Tim Herbst Motor Racing Monday Staff Member

    First off, nothing deserves to be answered on a public forum board such as this. Making demands from me is not the best way to get on my good side.

    I do not have a problem answering a question from a fan or racer if they seem to be to be more interested in enjoying and supporting the track.

    I have read nothing but negitive post's from you and have no clue as to who you are.

    It would be nice if on Sat you would stop me and introduce yourself so we could fix all the problems you seem to have with the raceway and how things are handled.

    Against my better judgement I will answer your question.

    The track does have a two unasissted spin rule, sometimes a driver is involved in several spins during a race not all are his or hers doing. So it while it may look like they have spun more than once in reality they had help and the spin is not counted against them.
  3. race6sq

    race6sq race6sq

    good answer i agree with that
  4. littleFILK

    littleFILK New Member

    I agree with that also and that is all I wanted to know.A simple question with a simple answer.I would also ask do races have a time limit but I don't want to get you even more upset.I do not always make NEGATIVE posts.I just want simple answers.This past week in the STEEL BLOCK class Wilkins spun TWICE unassited and kept right on racing so I wanted find out if the rule had been changed for this year.
  5. champ23

    champ23 New Member

    wilkins second spin was not unassisted . if you were watching the race instead of thinking of thing to come on here and cry about you would have seen that .if any one has any issues with me you know where i pit so be a man instead of hiding behind youre computer screen. BOBBY WILKINS
  6. littleFILK

    littleFILK New Member

    All I saw was the #23 spun twice and yellows each time.I just want to be sure about the rule for 2 spin and out before the races.If the second spin was unassited why didn't someone get pout to the back for rough driving.Come on Bobby don't have a cow.They say the rules are the same for everyone and the same every week.I'm sure Matt will spin his new car a couple times and if the spin rule is not applied to everyone then he will not get blacked.Why not try the UMP calss this weekend so the car count will be high enough to get the full purse paid to the UMP class.It could be more $$ in your pocket? Just a suggestion.
  7. lost25

    lost25 New Member

    i actually thought wilkins done pretty good being his first time in a steel block...i know i couldnt do it and thats why i dont race even thou i would love to race but cant drive good enough...i did see him spin once and that was between 3 and 4 turn other then that i just seen him a little shaky til he got used to it some...but i have a question why would he run late model if he has never drove in them classes before so he can spin and get griped about...JMO...
  8. race6sq

    race6sq race6sq

    let him learn every1 has 2 learn there not good right off the back give a little guys its all just 4 fun
  9. mrmsrp

    mrmsrp New Member

    I thought he did a great job for his first time in that car,a latemodel is alot different than any other racecar due to the rack steering.It takes a little getting used to but i'm sure he will be fast in that car.The last guy that drove it was fast so i'm sure he will be.
  10. littleFILK

    littleFILK New Member

    I know he will get better.My nephew switched this year to a carte series and he is squirly too.I was asking about running UMP because if there is not enough cars in UMP the purse gets cut.If we can get the car count up then they will pay the full purse.I'm not sure of the pay out but finishing last in the UMP's may pay more than 6th or 7th in the steel blocks especially if there is enough cars to get the track to pay 100% of the UMP purse.The (2) spin comment was because I saw a car spin twice on opening night and then it happened again lst week.I just wanted to be sure about the rule before my neph spins twice and gets blacked.
  11. lost25

    lost25 New Member

    i think my vernon is combining steel blocks with late models which is kinda unfair to some if they arent fast enough but they still get points and stuff... i have no idea what the payout is for any of them but it will probably get cut even if more cars show up because they cant keep people in the stands. even thou it was really full on the challenge of champions race night. i know last weekend one offical was saying one thing and the tower was saying antoher so it made gailer made and he was going to quit that doesnt look good to poeple watching in the stands if they could all agree on one thing and not argue about it
  12. littleFILK

    littleFILK New Member

    I thought the rule was if 18 UMP showed up they paid FULL purse no matter what the stands look like?Surely they are not docking the purse for poor attendance?
  13. dirt hound

    dirt hound Well-Known Member

    May Check It Out Sat Night
  14. Emling Racing 6

    Emling Racing 6 Im not cocky,im confident

    I think that the spin(2)out rule is a pretty good rule.. then you won't have a caution every 1/2 lap because of a careless driver..:rolleyes:

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