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Prayers for brad loyet

Discussion in 'St. Louis Area Auto Racing Discussion' started by Gates, Feb 7, 2018.

  1. Gates

    Gates Member

    brad was injured in a race shop accident. Broken arm, thigh injury and several open wounds. Prayers for a full and speedy recovery!!!!

  2. ricky brown

    ricky brown Active Member

    Praying for you Brad
  3. Flying Penguin

    Flying Penguin Active Member


    Open-wheel racer Brad Loyet was released from the hospital Friday following an accident in his Missouri race shop on Tuesday.

    Loyet was injured when a wheel failed while he was working in his shop. Loyet’s arm was broken in multiple places and there were several open wounds to his arm and his upper thigh. He underwent surgery and had two plates placed in his forearm.

    “Headed home from the hospital finally,” Loyet said Friday on his Facebook page. “Thanks to all the doctors and nurses who patched me back together. Haven’t seen the extent of the wrist yet as it’s staying wrapped up until Tuesday. Will find out then about possible nerve damage as I still cannot feel my index finger. Will also see if I’ll need any skin grafts from the wounds in my wrist.”

    In addition, Loyet posted a photo of his injured thigh with this caption: “Fun picture today is imprinted beadlock on my leg. Can see every bolt head.”
  4. H3 Racing

    H3 Racing Member

    Did the plate that the bead bolts to fail where it’s welded to the rim?
  5. Gates

    Gates Member

    I believe that's what he said. He said the weld only penetrated on one side
  6. moonflow

    moonflow BIRKY!!!

    This just happened to Earl Pearson Jr's tire guy as well, it is believed the rim failed.
  7. Gates

    Gates Member

    Yep. This one was a kaiser wheel

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