Reult's for 6/2/2012 week

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    Street class Dave Brandenburg captured his first heat win of the year and Ed Kuhn
    won the second heat race.Feature event Ed Kuhn took the lead and he got up to high
    in turn 3 and Dave Brandenburg and Josh Griffith got past Kuhn. Brandenbur...g trying to
    keep the his car in the lead. Jr Wiltermood who started fourth, got up to second. He was
    working on Brandenburg. Brandenburg got up a little high coming out of turn two and
    Wiltermood got under him and took the lead. Brandenburg was getting alot of pressure
    from Griffith. Something happened to Brandenburg coming out of four and he slowed and had to pull off. Wiltermood went on to win the feature event.

    Ed Roley won his second consecutive heat win and Larry Ferguson captured his first heat win of the year, Dustin King won the third heat. Feature event they attempted three times to get the race underway. Had to start single file. Roley would bring the field to the green flag. Roley keeping his car in the middle groove. Danny Schwartz started fifth and got up to second, putting pressure on Roley. Schwartz tried to get around Roley on the low and high side of the track. Schwartz not able to get past Roley. Roley went on to capture his second feature win of his career. Kasey Schrock started eleventh and finished fourth. Lyle Wiltermood started twelfth and finished fifth both of these drivers had good runs.

    In the pure stock class Kenny Cordes and Steve Nolen Jr captured their first heat wins. Feature event Cordes would take the lead. Points leader Randy Smyser was right there with Cordes. Smyser putting the pressure in Cordes. Smyser got high coming out of turn four and hit the wall, unable to finish. Cordes never had a challenge from any other driver, went on to win his first feature of the year.

    Clint Abbott and Justin Watson captured their first heat wins in the hornet division. Abbott and Watson brought the field to the green. Watson took the lead and got up to high in turn one. Abbott got under Watson for the lead. Abbott trying to keep his car in front points leader Joey Smyser. Smyser got under Abbott and took the lead. Smyser went on to capture his sixth feature of the year.

    Next weekend regular show gates open at four racing at seven. Pill draw for the drivers will stop at a new time starting next Saturday 6pm instead of 6:30. Trophy Sponsor will be I & I Deli Ashmore. For more information visit us on the web or facebook page.

    street cars 13

    heat 1 dave brandenburg/josh griffith/charlie carell/nick miller/daryl hellman/jim campbell/john hudson
    heat 2 ed kuhn/jr wiltermood/matt dillon/micheal donley/j.d. evans/ben williams
    feature: wiltermood/griffith/kuhn/dillon/donley/hellman/ campbell/miller/hudson/williams/brandenburg/evans

    modified cars 17

    heat 1 ed roley /roger cary/will newlin/rob fuqua/larry lambert/bill wagoner
    heat 2 larry ferguson/danny schwartz/nate zimmer/kasey schrock/will prater
    heat 3 dustin king/chad evans/roger mills/lyle wiltermood/don kiger/gabe menser
    feature roley/schwartz/king/schrock/wwiltermood/ferguson/fuqua/wagoner/evans/lambert/cary/mills/prater/denny schwartz/newlin/zimmer/menser

    pure stock cars 8

    heat 1 kenny cordes/randy smyser/danny white jr/dylan wiltermood/bailey heddins
    heat 2 steve nolen jr/tim akers/jon golden
    feature cordes/white jr/golden/wiltermood/carrell/heddins/smyser/nolen jr/akers

    hornet cars 11

    heat 1 clint abbott/joey smyser/mike lewis/justin evans/butch cassidy/chris graves
    heat 2 justin watson/pat calhoun/jeff vantassel/robert carter/nick robinson
    feature : smyser/watson/calhoun/abbott/vantassel/cassidy/lewis/evans/robinson/graves

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