Rookie and Jr class roll call.......

Discussion in 'Kart-1/4 Midget Racing' started by tobias101, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. tobias101

    tobias101 Livin' the dream.........

    Please list what class you plan to run this coming season. I'd like to get an idea of what the classes will look like.

    Alex Jr 2 flathead
  2. like to run in jr.3 clone
  3. saleracing35

    saleracing35 saleracing35

  4. Pork

    Pork PROJECT K&K

    jr 3 unresticted clone
  5. From here will have Cole Ward Jr1 clone, Mark David Jr1 clone (newbie) once or twice a month, The Beards will have 2 in rookie and a Jr1 ? (newbies) Mason Maine Jr1 clone, Danny Haynes Jr1 clone, Brian Mentzer 2 in Jr1 clone (newbies), Dave Warden Jr1 flathead and Jr 1 clone (newbie), Chris Jr1 clone (newbie)
  6. tobias101

    tobias101 Livin' the dream.........

    Keep it coming. Looks like Alex is going to be the only Jr.2.....:(
  7. JschneiderRacing

    JschneiderRacing JschneiderRacing

    Brandon Schneider jr3 Clone
  8. rj24

    rj24 New Member

    tyler 24 jr 1 fh
  9. kfuller

    kfuller New Member

    Kaleb Fuller - Jr 2 Flathead
  10. tobias101

    tobias101 Livin' the dream.........

    Here's the stats so far....
    Rookies = 2
    JR 1 fh = 3
    JR 1 cl = 9
    JR 2 fh = 3
    JR 2 cl = 1
    JR 3 fh = 0
    JR 3 cl = 4
  11. RADER22

    RADER22 New Member

    Cade # 17 Jr 2 Flathead
  12. dirtfever

    dirtfever Member

    I seen Jon already put us in Talen Beard rookie James Beard rookie Trent Beard JR1 fh all 3 boys are gona be first timers
  13. hayesracing

    hayesracing New Member

    My son Dominic will be a rookie and its our first year. Any help is appreciated. we have a kart and we our getting our motor ready is the tech manual the best way to set it up? We are also looking for a seat to buy he is 8 and tall.
  14. tobias101

    tobias101 Livin' the dream.........

    If you are building or buying a motor make sure you check out the rules section at

    I might have a seat that will fit him. 618-698-3379
  15. Bradley Dickman Jr3 clone

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