Teacher Essary Tops Student Wells In SpringfieldRaceway Show-Me Series While Beckham Grabs A-Mods

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    Springfield,Mo.-The SpringfieldRaceway hosted the Race Bros Farm & Home Supply Show-Me Racin Series LateModels Sat Night and it was the teacher taking the pupli to school as National Dirt Hall of Famer Ken "The Flying Farmer" Essary was able to put a halt to the Justin Wells Express 2010 season with a near perfect drive on the Quick-Quarter in capturing the LateModel A feature.

    Essary,the series founder while in the early years was teaching Wells about the LateModel Racing world,hasn't tought Wells everything he knows about the SpringfieldRaceway as Essary held off repeated challanges from Randy Zimmerman and then a late race surge from the point leader Wells in taking his first win of the 2010 seson.

    After the top 8 redrew,Zimmerman and Essary brought the 22 car field down to the green flag as Essary jumped to the top cushion quickly while Zimmerman stayed to his inside.Caution flew quickly as Wells who was starting 6th spun in turn 2 as others stopped to avoid contact.Under Series rules if more than 1 car stops on the start,then all go back to an original restart.Again Essary and Zimmerman went side by side went Essary going to the extreme top of the quarter mile clay oval.Going into the turns,Zimmerman would would pull even as the veterans battled.Larry Campbell and Wells were hooked-up in a tight battle for third place.Caution flew on lap 8 as Don Cloyd spun bunching the field up as Essary lead the double-file restart with Zimmerman staying close as Campbell,Wells,Dustin Mooneyham,Brandon McCormick and Jarrod Hilton all fought for position as 2-3 wide racing was the norm.During the long green run,Essary began to pull away to a 4 car length lead as Zimmerman the series points runner-up would find point leader Wells starting to mount a charge.Heading into lapped traffic,Essary was moving both high and low as Wells who had gotten by Campbell was pulling even with Zimmerman.On lap 19,Wells made the pass on the low side and began to run down the leader Essary.With only 3 laps to go,Wells using the middle and low grooves pulled to within 2 cars of Essary as the race was on.Lapped traffic held strong as essary was using every bit of the smooth quick surface to hold off Wells.As the white flag flew,Wells was riding smoothly on the bottom and pulled to Essary's rear quarter panel,but the Springfield Turkey Classic winner hadn't showed his full hand yet as Essary drifted alittle high off the turns and moved through the middle of the track to grab his first win of the season with wells a clsoe second as Zimmerman,Campbell and Humbolt winner Dustin Mooneyham rounding out the top 5.

    The Budweiser A-Mods found a brand new winner crossing the winners circle in his first race at SpringfieldRaceway as veteran Terry Beckham II made a last minute decision to make the trip to the Quick-Quarter over going to Muskogee,Oklahoma.Beckham's father used to master the smaller tracks,but Beckham II likes the bigger sweeping speed tracks.

    After earning the pole spot,Beckham grabbed the opening lap lead over outside pole setter JimBody with Scott Drake,Erik Maggard and Darrell Jackson following.All eyes were on the back part of the field as current point leader Mitch Keeter,4 time champion Jackie Dalton,Jody Tillman and late arriving Jesse Stovall were coming from the back part of the 17 car field.On lap 2,Drake shot to the middle of the track taking the lead from Missouri's Mr Excitement of Modified racing Beckham.Caution flew as Jackson and front running Darrell McWhirter spun in turn 4 bunching the field up.On the restart,Beckham went back to the front as Jerry Lankton was making his pressence known by moving into third spot.Beckham known for riding the top side was working downstairs as Drake was moving to different spots.Beckham and Drake the two veterans were battling hard as Lankton was a solid third with Body and a fast moving Jody Tillman in the top 5.On lap 11,point leader Mitch Keeter had moved into the top 5 as Beckham and Drake still battled.A late caution bunched the field one last time as Drake picked the high lane on the restart with Lankton going down low.Beckham got a good jump as Drake was swinging to the top groove as Beckham could go anywhere.Lankton made a small bobble as Tillman ans Keeter both came flying through the pack.Beckham grabbed the win followed by Drake,Tillman,Keeter and a good solid run by Lankton as 12 of the 17 starters finished on the lead lap.

    The Only Non-new winner would come in the Reliable Chevrolet SportMods as a 23 car field checked into the pits with 22 taking the opening Green.Points runner-up Wayne Graybeal grabbed the opening lead while Springfield's GM Crate motor racer JC Morton followed closely while Jerry Lankton,Gary Rodocker and point leader Sean Williams followed.With 2-3 wide racing the norm,Morton shot to the top side and moved around Graybeal to take the lead as Sean Williams had moved into third place.The first of only 2 yellow flew on lap 8 as Terry Williams and Jon Yeoman Jr got together in turn 4.With morton leading and Graybeal running second,Graybeal picked the bottom groove as Williams moved along to the top side.On the restart,Williams stayed top side as he and Graybeal ran side by side with Williams moving into second place on lap 10 and giving chase to the leader Morton.On lap 13 the final yellow waved as Ryan Stacye,Ron McClellan and Andy Beauchamp got together in turn 1.On the restart,Morton moved to the middle lane as Williams shot down low as Graybeal was close behind.Williams tried several attempts around Morton,but the night was to belong to Morton with williams,Graybeal,Gary Rodocker and Mike Hailman completing the top 5 as 16 of the 22 starters finished on the lead lap.

    A new winner of 2010 in the LegendCars happened as 2009 track champion Jason Rayle made his first start of the season but the field didn't make it easy on him.Ralye earned the pole spot with with Dave Comer along side of him.Rayle took the opening lead with point leader Justin comer following closely behind.Caution waved on lap 1 as point contender Park Jones went flying off the end of turn 4.On the restart Rayle leads with Justin comer right behind him and young gun Tyler Horton following closely.Dave Comer made the move into second on lap 4 and gave Rayle lots of pressure.Rayle in his first race of the season looked like he never lost a thing as he held off repeated challanges from Dave Comer,Tyler Horton and Justin Comer to capture a hard earned victory as he and others are preparing for the Big October Legend Nationals at SpringfieldRaceway.

    The midWest Modz also saw a new winner as a bounty had been placed on point leader Kaleb Copher if he could be beat.Copher suffered major damage in his qualifying heat race but made repairs for the feature as he and JC Newell are in a tight point battle.Trevor Drake and Newell brought the field to the opening green as Drake quickly checked out from the field while Newell and Jeremy Manes battled for second place.During the long green run,point leader Copher was trying to move up and the longer the race went green the faster he got.With Drake setting a quick pace and pulling away it looked as if another new winner was ready to be crowned.Caution waved on lap 11 as Bobby Gough spun bunching the field-up.Drake got a strong restart as Manes and Copher went side by side as Gary Krebs and Lamar Newman had a good race going.Drake would cature the victory as Copher ended up officially finishing second with Krebs,Newman and David Lynch following.Points contender JC Newell had a slow leaking tire on the last restart while running third and sent him backwards.

    Action continues Sat Aug 28th with the Chase for the Championship with the Budweiser A-Mods,Reliable Chevrolet SportMods,Wheeler Metals StreetStocks,Legends,MidWest Modz and PureStocks.

    Gates open at 5PM with hotlaps at 6:15 and Racing at 7:15 sharp.

    Results-Race Bros Farm And Home Supply Night

    A Ft-1)Ken Essary 2)Justin Wells 3)Randy Zimmerman 4)Larry Campbell 5)Dustin Mooneyham 6)Brandon McCormick 7)Jarrod Hilton 8)Colt Dunlap 9)Chris Morelock 10)Darrell Mooneyham 11)Brandon Cheek 12)Joe Gorby 13)Patrick Johnson 14)Ray Peacock 15)Scott Fry 16)Jon Driskell 17)Don Cloyd 18)Mark Penticuff 19)Dwight Neihoff 20)Ron Johnson 21)Jordan Holloway 22)Larry Jones
    1st Ht-1)Campbell 2)Essary 3)Zimmerman 4)Peacock 5)Cheek 6)P.Johnson 7)Cloyd
    2nd Ht-1)Hilton 2)McCormick 3)Penticuff 4)Fry 5)Driskell 6)R Johnson 7)Neihoff
    3rd Ht-1)Wells 2)Dustin Mooneyham 3)Darrell Mooneyham 4)Morelock 5)Dunlap 6)Jones 7)Gorby DNS-Holloway

    Budweiser A-Mods
    A Ft-1)Terry Beckham II-Webb City 2)Scott Drake-Webb City 3)Jody Tillman-West Branson 4)Mitch Keeter-Webb City 5)Jerry Lankton-Lampe 6)John Yeoman-Granby 7)Jim Body-Diamond 8)Jackie Dalton-Carthage 9)Erik Maggard-Springfield 10)Chase Jones-El Dorado Springs 11)Brian Green-Pierce City 12)Bobby Maggard Jr-Republic 13)Darrell Jackson-Carthage 14)Jesse Stovall-Galena 15)Darrell McWhirter-Betonville,Ark. 16)Bobby Pearish-Oronogo 17)Kyle Slagle-Joplin
    1st Ht-1)Body 2)Maggard 3)Drake 4)Pearish 5)Lankton 6)Tillman 7)Keeter 8)Dalton
    2nd Ht-1)Beckham II 2)McWhirter 3)Jackson 4)Jones 5)Maggard Jr 6)Slagle 7)Yeoman 8)Green DNS-Stovall

    Reliable Chevrolet SportMods
    A Ft-1)JC Morton-Springfield 2)Sean Williams-Willard 3)Wayne Graybeal-Springfield 4)Gary Rodocker-Willard 5)Mike Hailman-Reed Springs 6)Don Luna-St James 7)Eric Tinderholt-Lampe 8)Jon Yeoman Jr-Granby 9)Larry Tindle-Springfield 10)Wes Long-Springfield 11)Denny Felker-Carl Junction 12)Billy Dalton-Reeds 13)Willie Wilson-Springfield 14)Andy Beauchamp-Springfield 15)Andrew Smith-Willard 16)Ryan Stacye-Fair Grove 17)Ron McClealln-Jasper 18)Jerry Lankton-Lampe 19)Terry Williams-Springfield 20)Darrin Crisler-Clever 21)Mike Barnett-Springfield DQ-Bobby Maggard Jr DNS-Nathan Evans-Springfield
    1st Ht-1)Morton 2)Wilson 3)Williams 4)Luna 5)Tindle 6)Smith 7)Crisler 8)Yeoman
    2nd Ht-1)Rodocker 2)Lankton 3)Beauchamp 4)Dalton 5)Long 6)Felker 7)McCleallan 8)Evans
    3rd Ht-1)Graybeal 2)Hailman 3)Tinderholt 4)TWilliams 5)Barnett 6)Stacye Maggard Jr

    A Ft-1)Jason Rayle-Springfield 2)Dave Comer-Joplin 3)Tyler Horton-Joplin 4)Justin Comer-Joplin 5)Jay Reynolds-Springfield 6)Rob Watson-Billings 7)Paul Horton-Joplin 8)Park Jones-Joplin 9)Colt Pruente-Aurora 10)Rodney Baird-Oldfield 11)Billy Cottrill-Joplin 12)Rick Nichols-Cassville 13)Gary Hockman-Rolla 14)Brian Boucher-Joplin 15)Doug Wilson-Joplin 16)Larry Prewett-Jerome
    1st HT-1)D.Comer 2)T Horton 3)P.Horton 4)Watson 5)Reynolds 6)Cottrill 7)Boucher 8)Baird
    2nd Ht-1)Rayle 2)J.Comer 3)Pruente 4)Prewett 5)Jones 6)Nichols 7)Hockman 8)Wilson

    MidWest Modz
    A Ft-1)Trevor Drake-Webb City 2)Kaleb Copher-Webb City 3)Gary Krebs-Clever 4)Lamar Newman-Willard 5)David Lynch-Webb City 6)JC Newell-Stoutland 7)Bobby Gough-Joplin 8)Shane Bias-Springfield 9)Rusty Adams-Joplin DNS-Danny Hause-Aurora DQ-Jeremy Manes-Nixa
    1st HT-1)Drake 2)Newman 3)Krebs 4)Gough 5)Lynch 6)Copher
    2nd Ht-1)Newell 2)Bias 3)Adams 4)Hasse Manes

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