Tim Kaeding Makes It Two In A Row At Bakersfield Speedway

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    (Bakersfield, CA, 03/18/06) Tim Kaeding made it two wins in a row in Saturday night’s National Sprint Tour curfew shortened feature at Bakersfield Speedway in Bakersfield, CA. When asked how he felt about his second win for Steve Kinser Racing, Tim responded, “SKR is going to be dominant this year.” All twelve laps of the hard curfew shortened race were led by Kaeding. As fast dash winner he once again chose the outside pole. He repeated his choice because, “the track’s greasy on the bottom and once again I’ll live and die on the high side.” A quick jump off turn four in the green flag lap put him in the lead for the duration of the race.

    Twenty-four cars timed in to start the evening. The previous track record of 10.572 held by Daryn Pittman was bettered by nine cars during this qualifying session. NST regular, Jason Sides was fast with new single lap record of 10.342. Sides said he was able to find that kind of speed from his prior success on a similar track back home in West Memphis. He also commented in the on track interview, “it’s going to be tough making it out of the heats. We got four or five really fast guys and we’ve got to be top five from the heat race for the pill draw for the dash. If we can get through that we’ll be okay.”

    In the first ten-lap heat NST young gun Lucas Wolfe took the lead from the start and was never passed. Fast time setter, Jason Sides, coasted to a dead stop on the back straight of the first lap and had to restart at the back. Wolfe was followed to the finish by Robert Ballou, Jason Meyers, Danny Lasoski, and Chuck Gurney, Jr. rounding out the top five.

    The second ten-lap heat saw local driver Brian Coelho take the lead from the outside pole and was followed by Brandon Wimmer, Steve Kinser, Paul McMahan, and Tim Kaeding.

    After a false start, the second row was moved up to the front row for the restart. Local driver, Ronnie Day took the lead at the green flag. He was followed by Peter Murphy, Dennis Moore, Jr., Jonathon Allard, and Jason Solwold.

    The first six-lap dash also had a row inversion for a false start. Brian Coelho had the inside pole but grabbed big air and wheelied at the start, jamming up the field behind him. This brought the second row of Danny Lasoski and Tim Kaeding to the front row. The National Sprint Tour rule specifies that “front row cars have one try for an even start.” The penalty for an uneven start is the second row moves up and the first row moves to second. This inversion put Kaeding in his favorite place, on the high side. Kaeding won the re-start and pulled away leaving the finishing order of Danny Lasoski, Peter Murphy, Brian Coelho, Paul McMahan, and Jason Meyers.

    The second dash outside pole sitter, Lucas Wolfe, got a good start and won the dash with Ronnie day, Jonathon Allard, Jason Solwold and Dennis Moore, Jr. rounding out the top five.

    The 40-lap main event was short lived. Tim Kaeding survived three first lap restarts as the result of yellow flags. Jonathan Allard did some high flying on the first lap, barrel rolling his car and ending his hopes for a good finish Peter Murphy brought out the second first lap yellow rolling to a complete stop on the back stretch. On each restart Kaeding was able to beat Lucas Wolfe to the green flag. The accident plagued race left Steve Kinser holding his back and somewhat disoriented after a seventh lap tangle with Mark Barroso in turn four.
    His crew commented on his condition after the race saying, “He aggravated a golf injury. He hurt his back driving golf balls the other day.”

    Tim Kaeding was first off the outside pole and was not passed during the race despite seven subsequent single file restarts. A rigid curfew brought the checkered flag out ending the main with Tim Kaeding in the lead. Danny Lasoski, Ronnie Day, Jason Meyers and Shane Stewart rounded out the top five.
    Lasoski commented on his second place finish saying, “It was typical Bakersfield. Heavy, rough and really racy. I just wish we could have finished the race.”

    Ronnie Day was happy with his third place finish. He said, “I feel sorry for the fans that we couldn’t take care of them like we wanted to. We have to adhere to the curfew laws. It worked out okay for me and I’m happy with third place.”

    Tim Kaeding commented after the race, ‘Hopefully we can continue this and just keep running top five every night. That is the biggest thing I’ve been trying to prove to everybody this year. To just be consistent and just finish races. We’re doing that. And that’s the best thing. Just the last few years everybody has looked down on me because I go out there and I’m either really fast and crash or just have a lot of bad luck. I just want to prove to everybody that I can finish races, consistently and be a contender all year long.”

    Kaeding’s strong performance leaves him tied for first in the NST point standings with Jason Meyers at 320. The rest of the top ten points standings are 3) Lasoski, 291, 4) Kinser, 272, 5) McMahan, 259, 6) Sides, 248, 6) Tim Shaffer, 248, 8) Paulus, 222, 9) Stewart, 221, 10) Solwold, 219.

    National Sprint Tour action continues at Outlaw Motor Speedway, Oktaha, OK on April 15, 2006, the first of a two race event. They will return to OMS in September as well.

    NST FINAL RESULTS – Bakersfield 03/18/06

    1) Jason Sides, Sides, 7S, 10.342 New single lap record
    2) Paul McMahan, Stewart, 20, 10.439
    3) Jason Solwold, Carnahan, R19, 10.500
    4) Shane Stewart, Rudeen, 26, 10.501
    5) Tim Kaeding, Kinser, 11K, 10.517
    6) Jonathon Allard, Williams, 0, 10.529
    7) Danny Lasoski, Roth, 83, 10.539
    8) Tim Shaffer, Parsons, 6, 10.542
    9) Ronnie Day, Stockbridge, 1D, 10.568
    10) Jason Meyers, Stockbridge, 14, 10.604
    11) Steve Kinser, Kinser, 11, 10.614
    12) Peter Murphy, Murphy, 4, 10.642
    13) Lucas Wolfe, Helms, 11H, 10.678
    14) Brian Coelho, Coelho, 5C, 10.679
    15) Dennis Moore, Jr., Williams, 0K, 10.824
    16) Robert Ballou, Ballou, 12, 10.858
    17) Brandon Wimmer, Key, 15, 10.887
    18) Kyle Hirst, Wright, 99, 10.942
    19) Chuck Gurney, Jr., Sperry, 51, 11.020
    20) Tommy Tarlton, Tarlton, 21, 11.159
    21) Brian Paulus, P & P, 28, 11.196
    22) Garrett Ishii, Ishii, 71G, 11.411
    23) JD Delte, Delte, 11D, 11.483
    24) Mark Barroso, Barroso, 78, 11.918

    HEAT 1 – 10 LAPS
    1) Lucas Wolfe
    2) Robert Ballou
    3) Jason Meyers
    4) Danny Lasoski
    5) Chuck Gurney, Jr.
    6) Shane Stewart
    7) Jason Sides
    8) Garrett Ishii

    HEAT 2 – 10 LAPS
    1) Brian Coelho
    2) Brandon Wimmer
    3) Steve Kinser
    4) Paul McMahan
    5) Tim Kaeding
    6) Tim Shaffer
    7) Tommy Tarlton
    8) JD Delte

    HEAT 3 – 10 LAPS
    1) Ronnie Day
    2) Peter Murphy
    3) Dennis Moore, Jr.
    4) Jonathon Allard
    5) Jason Solwold
    6) Brian Paulus
    7) Mark Barroso
    8) Kyle Hirst

    DASH 1 – 6 LAPS
    1) Tim Kaeding
    2) Danny Lasoski
    3) Peter Murphy
    4) Brian Coelho
    5) Paul McMahan
    6) Jason Meyers

    DASH 2 – 6 LAPS
    1) Lucas Wolfe
    2) Ronnie Day
    3) Jonathon Allard
    4) Jason Solwold
    5) Dennis Moore, Jr.
    6) Steve Kinser

    1) Tim Kaeding [2] [$10,000]
    2) Danny Lasoski [4] [$5,500]
    3) Ronnie Day [3] [$3,200]
    4) Jason Meyers [12] [$2,800]
    5) Shane Stewart [14] [$2,500]
    6) Brian Coelho [8] [$2,300]
    7) Dennis Moore, Jr. [9] [$2,200]
    8) Tim Shaffer [15] [$2,100]
    9) Jason Sides [13] [$2,050]
    10) Brandon Wimmer [17] [$2,000]
    11) Brian Paulus [21] [$1,500]
    12) Paul McMahan [14] [$1,200]
    13) Kyle Hirst [18] [$1,100]
    14) Lucas Wolfe [1] [$1,050]
    15) Chuck Gurney, Jr. [19] [$1,000]
    16) Jason Solwold [7] [$850]
    17) Garrett Ishii [22] [$750]
    18) Tommy Tarlton [20] [$700]
    19) Robert Ballou [16] [$700]
    20) JD Delte [23] [$700]
    21) Steve Kinser [11] [$700]
    22) Mark Barroso [24] [$700]
    23) Peter Murphy [6] [$700]
    24) Jonathon Allard [5] [$700]

    Lap Leaders – Tim Kaeding 1-12

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