U.M.P. ALLIED B-MOD transmission rule ??

I bought a bert generation 2 last year. it costs more only to buy. it costs less to maintain.
Its lighter i was told. don't we all have to weigh the same. Not buying another. I draw the line here.
Granite City and Farmington will be happy to have me.
B-mod racers please give your opinion. this is our class.

Jimmy Cummins

CEO, Cummins Lumber Co.
i have a gen 2 also, not sure what I am going to do yet. I still have my old brinn. In my opinion "we" need to keep racing affordable. What I mean is a gen 2 is $100 more than a brinn, a few hundred more than a standard bert, etc etc. Telling a bunch of guys that have bought / invested in these transmissions that they cant run them is silly. I didnt notice any earth shattering advantage, I dont think running cars off is a good idea, and with the current state of racing I dont think a b-mod having a gen 2 bert is a very big issue. Racing is expensive enough, forcing people to buy another transmission isnt wise.


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Don't worry as of last week Pace Performance knew nothing about the 602 ump 2019 rule, tells you how screwed up communication between ump and allied is, just go race they need cars since they ran off so many again this year, it will change again just wait lol!