Tri-City Speedway Yes Yes Yes FINALLY ...Opening Night Fri, April 20 LM/Mod/B-Mod/St. Stock $300/Crates $700

This weeks schedule


****NEW this year 1x a month POWER WHEEL RACES ages 3-10***
FREE to signup - Bring your own Power Wheel
1st/2nd/3rd get Trophies all kids will get a metal
(see details below)

Gen Admission
Adults $12..Kids 12 & Under FREE
Opens @ 5:30

Pit Pass $30
Kids Pit Pass ages 12 & Under $15
Opens 5:00

Driver's Meeting 6:15
Pill Draw closes 6:30
Hot Laps 6:30
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(FREE to Enter)

To Enter: go to our website click on the tab at the top KIDS
click on the dropdown power wheel entry

You can also sign up on race night in the popcorn stand

Power Wheel Race Nights

April 20th Night #1

May 18th Night #2

June 8th Night #3

July 20th Night #4

Aug 17th Night #5

Sept 14th Night #6

Any Power Wheel is allowed. No 4 wheeler type vehicles allowed. Child’s legs

must be in a compartment. Ride in not ride on!

1. Kids 3-10 years of age may participate. There are two age groups: 3-5

and 6-10

2. Helmets must be worn. Bicycle helmets are ok.

3. The vehicle is allowed to 6-12volt battery. Stock battery may be

replaced with mower battery, which cannot be mounted in the passenger

seat and battery must be secured and sealed away from the child.

4. All doors and tailgates must be strapped shut. No sharp edges. Use zip

ties or duct tape or other flexible product for making them stay shut.

5. Tires may be covered in duct tape to prevent them from breaking.

6. Motor must remain stock. The only modification you may use and will be

allowed is using a lawn mower battery.

7. Vehicles may be decorated! Be as creative as you want!

8. Raising, Lifting, or Modifying the stock vehicle will not be allowed.

Only 1 parent/guardian will be allowed on track for race preparation. All participants will receive a metal and 1st, 2nd and 3rd receive trophies. All races will be held on the Front Chute all participants will get their picture taken in Victory Lane. Must fill out entry form for each event.

To enter: Go to our website at and click on the kids club tab.

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Power Wheel races will be at Intermission on the front chute

FREE to sign up
1 - Entry forms on our website click on the kids tab at the top
2 - May sign up Friday night at the track in the popcorn stand by 8:00pm

Provide your own Power Wheel
Power Wheels will be brought across the track at the flagstand
1 parent is allowed with each child
Top 3 receive trophies and all kids will receive a metal
Victory Lane photos for all kids