A NEW GENERATION OF RACE CAR DRIVERS; Paducah International Raceway Announces New Division for High


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Paducah, KY- May 4, 2010- You may have to be 16-years old to drive a car, but you do not have to be 16-years old to race one. Paducah International Raceway is giving young adults ages 12- to 17-years old the opportunity to take to the track and compete within their age ranges which will create a new division of High School 4-Cylinder Warriors.

This new concept in auto racing was created to introduce young drivers to the sport while emphasizing low-dollar fun and safety. Another innovative idea is for the drivers to design paint schemes featuring their school colors in an effort to promote school spirit and show pride in a project that can be shared between the drivers and their parents and friends.

Requirements for these cars will follow standard UMP Dirt Car Rules for 4-Cylinders, though some adjustments may have to be made by moving the driver’s seat forward and moving it up a few inches to allow for comfortable operation. With the standard welded roll cage and other safety precautions in place, these drivers should be in for a safe ride.

Many young drivers have been around racing most of their lives and activities such as this can lead to great success for those involved. One example is PIR’s 2009 4-Cylinder Champion Jake Mayo. Mayo began racing when he was nine. He now has a total of 12 Heat wins and seven Features and has advanced into the Street Stock Division.

“I can’t even explain how it felt,” Mayo said of his achievement. “I raced a great car, learned a lot, and raced against some great competitors.”

With the addition of this new division, the competition will be on a more level playing field; while giving new drivers the chance to learn their craft. It also echoes the benefits of doing well both on and off the track. For example, students with straight-A’s might start at the front of the pack on some nights. Kids learning the benefits of healthy competition and having fun—that’s what it’s all about!

2010 marks Paducah International Raceway’s fifth year with the current NASCAR driver owners. “Get Dirty” at PIR with racing every Friday night.

For more information, please call PIR at 270-898-7469 or the Hotline at 270-898-7490. Visit PIR online at www.paducahracing.com