hoosier vs American racers


Local track is considering switching from imca tire to the hoosier tire. Maybe the hard tire. Is that an H compound and how do they wear? Any bite? Thoughts? Thanks.
Well, people say that you can't get any bite from an American Racer, but obviously seeing that picture and seeing you run in person your not having difficulties. Some of the guys with the big horses around here run an H just because with a D they will shred it in 2 laps, they don't like the A because it is synthetic rubber and glazes over real bad. The H is natural harder rubber and in my opinion would be a step up from the Mccreary. I would hate to see what your car would do on the softer tires, maybe flip over backwards. People say that three wheelin isn't the fastest way around, but it sure does look cool. Good luck the rest of the year, your a hell of a driver.
Must have me confused with my bro. Anyway. We like the mcreary cause it dont take a helluva bullitt to pull em. And they are cheaper. We are just trying to get a leg up if they do switch. thanks for the reply!
Is Callaway thinking about making the switch? I heard that rumor back when Montgomery County opened up. Mel shows up in the pits at Callaway occasionally and I would imagine he'd like to get the car counts Fulton does.
Actually, capital is thinking about switching, and from what I have heard, Callaway is going whatever road Capital does. just what i heard.
Please try to keep the racers. The racers are roughly 15 dollars cheaper and last 4-5 times longer. The hoosiers do have a little more bite but it's not wurth it. You know me I think and have raced both, I absolutly love the racers. Also another problem the hoosiers will create is that the backmarkers will handle just good enough with the little extra bite, to get in everybodys way and cause problems. The American racers seperate men from boys. By the way is Moberly closed again?

Kenny Mudd
The American Racer is a great tire. It is the working mans tire!!! The Hoosier is the part and track promoters tire. There is a radical price difference per year running one versus the other. McCreary is must cheaper to run--a fraction. If the Hoosier was the only thing out there I would have to quit!! Hope you guys keep the racers.
Moberly is up and running. The track officials are actually holding the place together and doing a good job of it at that! Try www.24racewayinmoberly.com. thats their new site.
I hope we stay on the racers as well. It seems as though Hoosier has a way of "buying the promoters" off. I am not begrudging the right for Hoosier to be in business and make money, but I also bleieve that the LAST equalizer in modified racing is the IMCA tire. Thanks for the input guys!
I agree, the American Racers are more racer friendly as price goes. I just wish it was the other way around. Everybody going to Americans instead of Hoosiers. However, I think it will open up more racers to visiting more tracks if you don't have to have different tires to be competitive. The tires really are the last frontier in making Mods equal just about everywhere. Street Stocks and Late Models on the other hand are a different story! No two tracks are the same. Somebody needs to start working on that one now.

Also heard that Quincy Raceways were for sale as a package deal with Scotty's Skateland. Had also heard that they may be going UMP next year if not sold. Just rumors or is that the truth?

Is Moberly going to be open next year? Will they ever get the surface smoothed out and holding moisture or will they just peel it all back up? What does the future hold for 24 Raceway Park? The saga continues.....
State Fair Raceway in Sedila allows their drivers the option of running either. of course this is a MLRA half mile track, but maybe ask them how their drivers fair with them.
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