Jacksonville - MOWA, Modifieds, Street Stocks, Hornets and Micros Friday


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Modifieds will qroup qualify in hot laps then essentially run a Summer Nationals format. Street Stocks and Micros are Passing Points. Hornets are straight-up progressive.

Local class (not Sprints) pill draw closes at 6:00... but I'm kind of short staffed at the pill draw table. So....

If you KNOW you are coming Friday, if you shoot me a text at 217-371-3653 prior to Friday at noon with your NAME, CAR NUMBER and CLASS... we will draw for you AND ADD $5 TO YOUR CHECK AT THE END OF THE NIGHT. If it takes you 30 seconds to text me - it's like you are making a rate of about $600/hr!

Otherwise, I'll be manning the pill draw table from about 5-6pm... and maybe a little grumpy we didn't take care of it earlier.

With several staff members gone and other of our regular staff manning the MOWA registration table, I had planned on my kids to do the local class pill draw. Now my daughter has a sectional softball championship game Friday and the whole damn family of free help will be gone - and I don't want to teach anybody else to run the computer for one night. So we can take care of 90% of this stuff well in advance with your cooperation... and a simple text.

I've always thought it was kind of silly anyway that in today's day and age we all cram around a registration table 5 mins before a deadline stressing out staff - which leads to mistakes. This is my first step toward rectifying that over the long term. So play along please. Shoot me a text. The earlier the better. If not.. I'll see you at the table by the pit shack.



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Here is our information for Modifieds, Street Stocks, Micros and Hornets. For MOWA Sprints, please see similar sheet posted on MOWA Facebook account.