Lake Hill Speedway's famous landmark is in the Movie's!


Everyone who has ever entered Lake Hill Speedway (legally) has come through "the tunnel"
Now that famous tunnel is a primary scene in the FBI drama and Feature Film "Casualties of the State."

There is also a St. Louis actor co starring in the movie, with lifetime ties to the old race track.

David Robert Mueller is the oldest son of St. Louis racing legend. Bob Mueller, co-founder of Allied Auto Racing and Central Auto Racing; which brought us the Wallace's and the Schrader's.

David was once the soda boy in the stands, the kid selling hot dogs at the concession stand and most recently the one who produced the Lake Hill souvenir program and worked daily along side Kim Gardner to bring us all the joy and celebration of the Lake Hill Speedway Reunion.

You can check out the movie and offer your praise and support for David.

sneak peak interview

behind the scenes.

the movie trailer.