Looking for a place to race this Sunday August 16th?

Are you looking for a place to race this Sunday, August 16th? Join us for the SPRINGFIELD SPEEDWAY REUNION at Lincoln Speedway in Lincoln, IL. and then stay after the event and race.... we will be running UMP Modifieds, UMP Pro Crate Late Models, Non-Wing Sprints, Illinois Lightning Sprints and Hornet Divisions!

You can find the complete payouts at http://www.lincolnspeedwayil.com/payouts/ . In addition to these payouts, there is an extra $20.00 per lap for each lap led in all divisions except the Hornets. So if for example you led every lap of the Modified race, you would pocket a cool $1,000.00! Additionally, we have some very nice commemorative trophies for each A-main winner!

Modifieds Pro Lates Compacts
1-$600.00 1-$500.00 1- Trophy + Pit Pass
2-$300.00 2-$250.00 2-Pit Pass
3-$220.00 3-$200.00 3-Pit Pass
4-$180.00 4-$175.00 4-Pit Pass
5-$150.00 5-$150.00 5-Pit Pass
6-$130.00 6-$125.00 6-Pit Pass
7-$120.00 7-$100.00 7-Pit Pass
8-$110.00 8-$90.00 8-Pit Pass
9-$100.00 9-$80.00 9-Pit Pass
10-20 $90.00 10-20 $75.00 10-Pit Pass
11 thru 20-Pit Pass
1st car not transferring out of Semi: $50.00
2nd car: $40.00
All others: $30.00

*Pro Lates-
1st car not transferring out of Semi: $50.00
2nd car: $40.00
All others: $30.00

All drivers given free pit pass for the night’s racing (free pit admission)
Winner will receive a trophy
UMP Membership NOT required. No UMP points given.