Tri-City Speedway Mom & Dad special night for the kids this Friday at Tri City (Driver/Kids team up)


Attention Parents!!!
Moms and Dads this Friday, Aug 16

We are picking 22 lucky kids to team up with the MARS Late Models
driver's Friday Night for a Meet and Greet on the Midway for the
Autograph Session, Ride in the Kids Cool Bus with Buzz Light Year and
Woody for a Pit Tour, Take a Ride around the Race Track and be apart of
the National Anthem for Opening Ceremonies.

We will pick 11 boys and 11 girls to team up with a Driver from the A-Main
if that Driver wins they get to present the Trophy in Victory Lane and take a photo.

How to get picket each child receives a ticket a the front gate we will pick the ticket
winners at 7:00 on the midway. Please make sure Parents you keep the child's stub from
your ticket when entering. We will call the numbers off and the Kids Cool Bus will be waiting
to pick them up for a Pit Tour, Ride around the track and be apart of Opening Ceremonies.


7:00 will be the drawing for the kids. Listen for our Announcer to announce the 22 kids ticket winners