Pevely Thoughts


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Our MOWA Sprint show was cancelled at Pevely this Saturday... and Ray went out of his way to call early in the week "In hopes we might find another place to race." Obviously that's not possible, but it got me thinking about Ray and Sue's situation this year. They haven't had a race. They haven't had the benefit of an opening night... they lost their World of Outlaw show... last week they lost a really good USAC show and now they've lost this coming weekend. And I know they've been out spending advertising money, doing maintenance, fixing things, battling floods, living there, buying food for shows that don't happen.... etc. I can't imagine what they've spent on shows that never happened this year.

As a promoter... and I'm sure our other area promoters would agree.... what Ray and Sue have had to go through this year is unimaginable. You only get so many nights to try to get the bills paid from taking care of a facility for 12 months a year. Picture McDonalds only being open 20 times a year and then they have electrical problems that force them to close the first 1/3 of those. No business person in any type of business could be expected to survive that. Yet they carry on. Always positive. In it at this stage of their life for all the right reasons - even when all of the stars have decided to align against them.

If the race track at Pevely is an important part of your life.... if you are someone who finds enjoyment from going there as either a racer or a fan.... I would suggest that the next time you go - whenever that may be - that you dig just a little deeper in your pocket when buying a pit pass or ticket and say "Keep The Change... and tell Ray and Sue Thank your for their commitment to this place." They'd never ask... and I don't care if they need it or not... they shouldn't have to carry this burden alone. An extra $5, $10 or $20 from everyone who considers Pevely their Saturday night home would go a long way. Do what you can, when you have the opportunity in the coming weeks to show them your appreciation for what they have been dealing with. Good folks that don't deserve the hand they've been dealt.


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Not trying to rock the boat and have no clue how they operate their business. Perhaps insurance may cover some of this and somewhere in there is Schrader.
Hopefully they can get cranked up & still get the WoO/Summernational co sanctioned show in as well as the Ironman World of Outlaw sprint weekend in early August. At least minimize the financial hit.