Remembering Bob Memmer 11 years after his passing.......

As I try to do each year, I ask my racing friends to take a minute to remember our departed friend Bob Memmer who founded the United Midwestern Promoters and completed his last lap July 8, 2004!

Memmer started the United Midwestern Promoters series in 1984 with a vision of uniting racetracks to provide structure and sensible rules for dirt late model racing to help local short track competitors grow the sport. Memmer, known as the “friend of the little guy”, maintained true to his founding mission for U.M.P. and applied those same grassroots principles for the last twenty years to help keep the sport healthy throughout his career.

May he Rest in Peace!…/u-m-p-founder-bob-memmer.16008/
Thanks Smash
Bob did more good for the racer than ever body else combined.
Treated everybody the same , with no exceptions.