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Lake Hill Speedway track champions

Discussion in 'St. Louis Area Auto Racing Discussion' started by Eileen, Oct 19, 2007.

  1. Eileen

    Eileen Member

    To put all the Lake Hill Champions in one message thread..........

    Previously posted

    Earl Valdejo, #14 1949
    Walt Treppler, #23 1951 1952
    KENNY SHRUM 1953

    Here's what I found.............

    1967 - CARA sanction
    Late Models - Butch Cooley

    Late Models - Johnny Prior

    Late Models - Fred Tiede (holds the Late Model track record)

    Late Models - Fred Tiede

    Late Models - Dean Roper
    Sportsmen - Ken Schrader

    Late Models - Russ Wallace
    Sportsmen - Roger Stogsdill


    1974 - GARA sanction
    Late Models - Russ Wallace
    Hobby Stock - Pat Walsh

    Late Models - Jerry Sifford
    Sportsmen - Paul Gebhart

    Late Models - Bill Myers

    1977 - AARA sanction for 1 year

    Unlimited Late Models - Len Gittemeier
    Street Stock - Rick Harding
    Limited Late Models - Fred Stotler (who won two features against the Unlimited Late Models)

    Late Model - Ed Dixon
    Hobby Stock - Ron Hassler
    Limited Late Model - Pat Walsh

    Late Model - Gary Potter
    Street Stock - Rich Warren
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  2. fastone

    fastone fastone

    i just got off of the phone with don klein and he could not remember the years because he is getting old but he won every year he raced there exept for 1963
  3. Ref 1968 Track Champion #25 John Prior

    Johnny Prior Is A Hero Of Mine An A Friend An Is Still Racing In The Ump Late Model Class After All These Years.john Is One Of Only A Few Still Racing From 1968.you Can Watch John Tomorrow Nite At Jefferson County Speedway In Mt Vernon Il In His Number 25 Ump Late Model
  4. Eileen

    Eileen Member


    WackyMac19 we need to compare our champions list.
  5. bdavis

    bdavis bdavis

    I think Jerry Sifford won the late models in 73 and 75 but also another year in there as well.
  6. Eileen

    Eileen Member

    The 1973 track champion was Wib Spalding.

    FIREBALL Well-Known Member

    fairly sure Dwight Barbeau won a championship way back when...corse I am old and cant remember what I did this morning
  8. dirt hound

    dirt hound Registered User

    oh the crs syndrome
  9. SignMaster

    SignMaster Member

    I remember going to that track back i the mid 70's. Jerry Sifford was the bad a$$ during that period. I remember that. A red Sieveking sponsored camaro or something like that.
  10. Wib444

    Wib444 Active Member

    In reference to the 1973 champ. My father Ken told me that wib won it but they awarded the trophy to someone else because he ran there year after year. Don't know if this is true or not. Can anyone verify or is it good old racing soap opera!!!

    FIREBALL Well-Known Member

    can any one name (as far as I know) the only racer still at it that ran on dirt there---he was the last car to take the checkered flag on the last day it ran--the rusty Wallace tribute race----
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  12. Eileen

    Eileen Member

    Lenny Garson.
  13. fastone28

    fastone28 New Member

    I think Don Klein was 64 threw 66 and 2 years on the black top one with the coupe and one with the Capri
  14. Allied ran there in 1976 and 2/3 of the 1977 season, I got pictures of Don in the Capri at Lake Hill in 77. Allied also ran Pevely in 77 with a lot of guys running dirt Fri. & Sat. and switching cars over for the asphalt on Sundays. 78-80 was Belleville and St. Charles only for Allied before adding Pevely again n 81.
    Considering parts back them came from Junk Yards and had to be modified can you imagine how many hours they put in every week.
  15. red10

    red10 red10

    To me Jerry Sifford was the man ! i miss my buddy Jerry bad he was a great help to me racing and a GREAT FRIEND !
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  16. dirt hound

    dirt hound Registered User

    Hey lenny did you change much on the cars back then just wondering
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    FIREBALL Well-Known Member

    do not have a picture on the dirt but have several from the black top---the 63 chevy was in the early 70s the 57 was mid to late 70s---ALLIED ran the joint in the 60s---I belive they paved it in 66---if I can figure out how to make the pictures smaller I will post them

    FIREBALL Well-Known Member

    Hound---2015 and I don't change sheet unless I have to-------changed a lot of 55 to 57 a frames and non floating axels-----

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  19. dirt hound

    dirt hound Registered User

    I know it was cheaper back then,but things change and you move on can't live ithe past it was great times and not so bad times now and of course it was alot safer back then lmfao
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  20. Racin'75

    Racin'75 Racin'75

    Jerry ran Fords (anything with Sieveking sponsorship was Ford) I remember a yellow mustang. Larry Phillips was hard to beat at the Hill.

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