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Tri-City Speedway (REVISED) We are not eliminating any driver's from participating in our $3,000 to win B Mod Event.

Discussion in 'St. Louis Area Auto Racing Discussion' started by Revin, Oct 9, 2017.

  1. Revin

    Revin Moderator

    If you are a Late Model or Modified driver you will not be eligible to run the B-Mod $3,000 event
    on Friday, Oct 13th. This event is for B-Modified driver's only!

    This is the B-Mod drivers, teams and sponsors opportunity to run for $$$$ and recognition.

    Classes Friday
    B-Mods $3,000
    Late Models $2,000
    Modifieds $700

    General Adm $20....Kids 12 & Under FREE
    Gates open at 5:30

    Pit Pass $35..............Kids Pit Pass 12 & Under $15
    Pit Gates open at 5:00
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  2. Gates

    Gates Member

    Not even if you really suck in your normal class?


    So, to be clear...

    Rusty Griffaw? (late model)
    Brent Thompson? (modified)
    Dusty Holman? (sprint cars?)
    Rick Connoyer? (modified)
    Trey Harris? (late model at mod mania)
    Tim Hancock? (modified @ macon)
    Robbie Eilers? (modified)
  4. Gates

    Gates Member

    Forgot fireball.
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  5. thefarmer

    thefarmer Active Member

    The "Rusty Griffaw" rule.. what a joke..
  6. Flying Penguin

    Flying Penguin Active Member

    No Kyle Busch-types allowed this time. Thanks Tri-City!
  7. thefarmer

    thefarmer Active Member

    Also, these guys have run A-Mod or Late Models before:

    Jake Seets III
    Johnny Seets III
    Terry Bolin
    John Stanton
    John Hobson
    Mike Null
    Steve Maisel
    Billy Knebel
    Mike "Wahoo" Jones
    Nathan Schmitt
    Brett Korves
    Justin Durbin
    Marty Smith, Jr.
    Rob Lee
    Cody Stillwell

    If that's your rule, don't discriminate..
  8. Gates

    Gates Member

    Car count just went way down
  9. Revin

    Revin Moderator

    Driver's it's simple if your a BMod driver your eligible

    If you've run a BMod and a Mod on a a regular bases brought 2 cars and ran like Danny Ems and Josh Russell you are eligible
    because you ran both for the season.

    This is a event for the BMod drivers who may get 1 or 2 big shows a year and a chance for the money and for their sponsors.

    Last year the top 3 were Mod driver's and guys were pretty upset because of it.

    Late Model and Mod driver's have several shows throughout the year with great money. It's the B Mod driver's time.
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  10. Gates

    Gates Member

    Lm's got to run mod mania, their big show.
  11. shredxcam

    shredxcam Active Member

    What If you drive a late model but identify as a b mod driver? It's 2017. You can't assume someone's class.

    I'm a spectator but I identify as an armchair promoter!
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  12. Revin

    Revin Moderator

    Open Practice Thursday, Oct 12
    All classes welcome
  13. Revin

    Revin Moderator

    Statement by Tri City - After discussions we have determined that it will be difficult to police our original statement. Therefore we are not eliminating any driver from participating in our $3,000 to win B-Mod event on Oct 13th.

    Thank you
    Tri City Speedway
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  14. Schaefer#11

    Schaefer#11 New Member

    Where can we find the full field payout for this event? Thanks
  15. ghost67

    ghost67 Well-Known Member

    It was a great idea though... you guys do an incredible job promoting
  16. big swigg

    big swigg Active Member

    Whiny ass race car drivers.. maybe we can finally figure out why this sport is dying...

    Not all of them are whiners but a majority of them are.
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  17. Mikeb7777

    Mikeb7777 Member

    One thought for a future way to do this would be a B mod Invitational if you wanted to reward the drivers that a truly only B mod guys. However, I don't blame the A mod and Late models guys, they are all competitive, and if you have a way to possilby win 3000 bucks who doesn't want to do that? lol
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  18. shredxcam

    shredxcam Active Member

    That may have been the best publicity stunt ever.
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  19. Revin

    Revin Moderator

    Mikeb7777....Good idea
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  20. chin

    chin New Member

    Is the race still on or is the track under water

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