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  1. pwracing

    pwracing Member

    Thanks SFCR for another night of terrible officiating, crappy calls. I dont know who the main flagperson was, but they dont have a clue. Thanks for reminding me week after week why I didnt want us to race there this year. Thanks to Corey for giving his famous, yet wearing thin, answer to everything,"I dont make the calls"! Well maybe you should! Dont appear to me the people you have working for you are qualified. Thanks to the a-hole sponsor that starts crap every week with certain people but is allowed to stir it up in the pits week after week. You know who you are. You stand in front of Corey's Ivory Tower motioning for one of your drivers to take out another. And finally thanks to Bruce, who will delete this before very many people get to read this. Tom

  2. fireboy

    fireboy Member


    Tom I couldn't have said it better myself
  3. Flipped out 75

    Flipped out 75 New Member

    I agree, I like the one where the caution was for joey montgomery and then hurley slowed and pulled off so they said it was for Hurley, and gave Joey his spot back. WHAT A JOKE!!!
  4. racedriver33

    racedriver33 Member

    its been that way for years every since marler and them left it will be that way till cory is out of there is what i heard
  5. FunW/Methanol

    FunW/Methanol Member

    Flipped out 75... I'm not taking up for any of the calls, because we had something a little wierd happen to us the week before, but I can tell you that there was a bumper laying on the cushion at the pit exit in three. It just worked out that Joey got his spot back because they hadn't run a lap. The way my brother runs into (and occasionally over) the cushion, we'd have had a flat very quickly. I thought it was a "Nascar" caution at first, but then saw the bumper and the turn 3 flag man pick it up.
  6. sprinted

    sprinted Love dirt track racing

    Saw them pick it up from the pitstands so I guess you can say it was a good call.
  7. LittleGreen13

    LittleGreen13 Member

    Why wasn't the 21c black flagged? There was a lot of bad calls and ones that should have been made that wasn't. Its like someone is being paid to turn their head.
  8. yoder fan

    yoder fan New Member

    yeah what was up with the yellow on the start of the dash??? i guess the 21c didnt get a good start...yea and hurley pulling off the track they got out the yellow for that to why?????the 11k car passed joey and they ran 2 laps and had a yellow and they put joey back in front of the 11k lol who ever is keeping track of where the cars are suppose to be needs to find somthing ealse to do on saturdays.......hey pwracing i know all about deleted posts as well, you cant say nothing on here, if bruce dont like it its gone...
  9. Junebugs #1 Fan

    Junebugs #1 Fan JuneBugs #1 Fan

    Hey, Pasa.... I can get ya job scoring if ya want....
  10. bruuuuce

    bruuuuce Moderator Staff Member

    blah blah blah, everyone wants to complain, but when given a chance to do something, they turn it down.

    So if you don't help fix a problem, then your part of the problem.
  11. scoreone

    scoreone New Member

    Ok I've read this enough..caution was on the bumper, not Joey, not Jimmy. It was on debris. Yoderfan do you even know where the finish line is and how the races are scored? My guess is probably not.

    Like Lisa said, we can probably put in a word for you with the promoters since you're such a great scorer and all....
  12. elayer09

    elayer09 Member

    all i saw when 21c ran over 7c was the rob spun his tires car got sideways and joey had no where to go
  13. yoder fan

    yoder fan New Member

    who on earth would want to work out at that place......yea bruce we try to fix things on here but you delete everything you dont like. iam not trying to cause trouble on here its just theres alot of other people that see the same things i do every sat, but when you try to post commemts on here you get private messages from bruce telling you to quit starting trouble on here....well bruce looks like iam not the only one that wants to say things that i see
  14. Junebugs #1 Fan

    Junebugs #1 Fan JuneBugs #1 Fan

    Nobody's making you go..... Any track you go to, your gonna find something ya don't like... Why is it always post the negative and there is never any positive.. I never hear, that was a Good call... I know from experience, they don't pay the workers nearly enough to put up with the abuse, that they have to put up with from trying to do there job.... I'll admit, I don't agree with all calls that are made, but it happens.... Be thankful there are still tracks to race at, because the way things are going in this world today, there won't be many in a few years.....
  15. DirtSurfer

    DirtSurfer 07 Vintage Champ Staff Member

    Actually, Rod ran over Jason's left rear and spun himself out...and collected Joey in the process. Joey wasn't at fault and shouldn't have been penalized for what happened then. That's when he got his spot back... When the caution flew for the bumper, I thought Joey ended up pulling off...?
  16. Junebugs #1 Fan

    Junebugs #1 Fan JuneBugs #1 Fan

    Randy, your fighting a losing battle, they THINK they say what happend.... LOL. Most people see what they want to see when they dislike or like a certain driver...
  17. sprinted

    sprinted Love dirt track racing

    I know Corey needs to fix the sprintcar portion of restarts and for that matter STARTS. Make these drivers go nose to tail until the chalkline(That needs to be out there) and nose to tail before the cone, it's causing wrecks when guys are going to the wall or bottom before the cone. Knoxville has this rule and it works fine there.
  18. Sweeney77

    Sweeney77 New Member

    They held to it in the purestreets. I know that for a fact. It just Stinks having laped trafic in front of you and the other cars get 5-6 cars in front of you just on the take off. I say go deleware style. That would be exciting. J M O. if thats worth any thing.
  19. jrjunkman

    jrjunkman Member

    I did watch some of the races,And even though I only have one(1) good eye I think I could have done a much better job officiating or flagging.#1 a very bad call in the pure street race on the #77 car.Ronnie Sweeney was hit and spun out.They put him to the rear.But he now has 2 weeks off to cool off----I will say the circle he made was of NASCAR quality!!!Good job Ronnie----#2 during the A-modified feature-----what a complete missed call or poor call on the flagmen or tower.#18 (Brent) leading the race with #14(billy) a very close second,#26 (Kasey) was about 5 car lengths BEHIND--running a very good 3rd place when a LAP car slid up the track right in front of #26 who had no place to go.After the tap to the LAP CAR, The wanna be flagmen put the #26 to the rear.(A COMPLETE BAD CALL,THAT WAS VIEWED MY EVERYONE, AND ALL WAS DISSAPOINTED.)The attitude by many is if they dont do something to correct this there will be fewer cars to watch.-----And a wonderful job by #1 B-mod in running a very good race and a big congrats to Shane---Also a good race by Jason Keith #28 in the sprints.i AM NOT A NEWBE TO THE RACE TRACK!!!My opinion is what I stated.---Jim Randolph
  20. gofastturnleft5

    gofastturnleft5 If u ain't 1st u'r last !

    Try this a few times and see if it helps. Double file restarts, chalk-line at turn 4 for starts, and the cone at the start/ finish line.I never did like the cone on the backstretch and starting single file then at full speed to take the green. I have a few more ideas if the track would want to hear them.It would make racing more interesting and more competitive than it is now. Just let me know.:cool:
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