Tri-City Speedway to be C.A.R.S. Sanctioned in 2006

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    Tri-City Speedway to be C.A.R.S. Sanctioned in 2006

    DuQuoin, IL- The Crate American Racing Series (C.A.R.S.) is proud to announce that Tri-City Speedway in Pontoon Beach, IL has joined the C.A.R.S. Weekly Racing Series. Tri-City Speedway will run C.A.R.S. Late Models once a month throughout the 2006 season. Tri-City Speedway races every Sunday night & consists of two tracks. All regular shows are run on the 1/4 mile semi banked oval. Special events are usually held on the big 1/2 mile semi banked oval.

    By joining the C.A.R.S. Weekly Racing Series, drivers who race C.A.R.S. Late Models at Tri-City Speedway will be eligible to receive valuable points towards the C.A.R.S. Weekly Racing Series National Championship. The C.A.R.S. National Champion will be awarded the top prize of $10,000 in cash, a new C.J. Rayburn Chassis, a new Bert Ball Spline Transmission, & more.

    C.A.R.S. Late Models utilize current area chassis & body rules. The only significant difference is the engines. C.A.R.S. Late Models are powered by GM Performance Parts Circle Track Racing Engines, a substantial savings for the budget racers over today's cost of current Late Model engines.

    Tri-City Speedway is located just across the Mississippi River from St. Louis, MO in Pontoon Beach, IL. Take exit 4 off I-270 and go 1/2 mile south on SR 203. For more info visit

    For more C.A.R.S. Weekly Racing Series info visit
  2. CC-28

    CC-28 CC-28

    What are they gonna pay?
  3. Brandon Paul

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    So are they running all six classes when the Crate Models run, or will one of the support classes have the night off? That could make for some real long nights.
  4. Flyin Wizard 15

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    Glad to hear TCS has jumped on board.......

    PITDRIFTER Motorsports

  6. Brandon Paul

    Brandon Paul Free agent score guy

    Andy, one could argue that those support classes are still quite fortunate to have a Sunday night track in the area to run at three nights out of four. (and sometimes four nights out of five depending on how the calender falls.) They went, what, something like four years without a Sunday night track after the Charley Bowl closed?

    Regardless of how efficiently the races are run, a six class program will always take a long time to bring off. Again, perhaps they could start the program earlier than 6:00 on the nights that CARS runs.

    MAINIAC New Member

    Six Classes on one night!

    I can understand your point PitDrifter, be true to those who are loyal to you! But lets take a look at it from the fans point! They want to be home at a decent time. I'm sure most of them don't mind getting out of there between 11 and midnight. It's just when it gets past midnight that some of these folks have a concern with! My suggestion would be on the night that the C.A.R.S. race, run a special event for Mod's, lets say on the half mile or whatever. Taking a night off would give those who don't run that night some time of to fix or repair their cars. Even the Cup series gives drivers a week off while the Busch series races. They could call it the Sunday Night Special! Special prices on everything, special drawings for the fans, etc. The thing to do would be get to together with the other drivers, do some brainstorming, have one person present these ideas to the promotors and work with them. Tammy and Kevin have a lot on their plate and some good, professional ideas just may make the program even better. Remember, we learn from our mistakes and if suggestions aren't tried, there are no mistakes, just a lot of what would haves!
  8. craterracer

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    This is great news! Half mile or quarter mile?
  9. racey8

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    Just have to come to the meeting to see!!!:D
  10. banme

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    flyin wiz

    Now i hear flying wiz has a thang for a guy named yuckin_fahoo:eek:
  11. #17

    #17 Member

  12. jumpinjack1dw

    jumpinjack1dw Tami H. you are missed

    Good idea Maniac.

    another Might be to run the class with the smallest amount of cars ....say one or maybe two heats and a feature. where as usually every one has three heats and a semi and a trophy dash and a feature or semi. but say if 12 cars run, one heat and one feature and run the feature before intermission. or maybe just run a feature for that particular class that might help. but again JMO. I know there will be others with opinions and they all will be worth considering, I hope.


    PITDRIFTER Motorsports

    George, I Understand Your Point. But Its Not Just About The Fans. Its About The Fans And The Racers. When Talk About The Clm's Maybe Being At Granite Weekly. Right Off The Bat Some People Started The Eliminate A Class Stuff. Six Classes Would Be Too Many They'd Say. Yes I Agree, Six Probably Would Be Too Many To Run Weekly On A Sunday Night. But, Now Its Been Decide They Would Have The Clm's Once Per Month. Samething Drop A Class On Those Nights. I Don't Think Its Too Much Having Six Classes Once Per Month. Some People Want Their Cake And Eat It Too, All The Time. Instead Of Looking At It As A Time Thing. Look At It As A Little Added Monthly Bonus.
  14. Flyin Wizard 15

    Flyin Wizard 15 Squires Racing

    Well put Andy,couldn`t have said it better myself.;)
  15. Tweaked

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    who cares how late they run at least they can get a full show in without a time limit dont drop classes for these cars that are just now starting out that wouldnt be good either deal with it or dont run them that simple deal with long nights or stay at home. if you want to race stop talking about it and just do it.
  16. CC-28

    CC-28 CC-28

    Wait and see what happens when they have 30 crate cars show up for $500 or whatever they are paying, and they have 10-12 sportsman show up. The days of the sportsman are numbered. Montgomery has been threatening to cancel them for years, if I wouldn't have opened my mouth Godfrey would have had B-mods instead of sportsman last year, and drew twice as many cars. As much as I hate to say it having thousands and thousands of dollars worth of motor parts, crates are the future. I see A and B late models, A and B mods, and Bombers. You could easily build a competitive crate for way less than it would cost to build a competitive sportsman.
    Look at the guys that have already made the switch, and look at how many guys shouldn't be out there in a full blown late anyway. The last crate race I saw at Greenville we sat on the infield and I was drooling wanting a piece of that hardcore racing action that was going on, not one guy blowing everybodies doors off, RACING, good racing.
  17. 13racefan

    13racefan New Member

    Hey I was apart of the last greenville night and i am proud of the show we put on. It was exciting for me and I was in the car and didnt get to see it till the next morning on tape. The crates are not for everyone that is why we have different classes on the same night. Im just glad to see race tracks and sanctions trying to make racing affordable again. They drive like a race car, they look like a racecar and they sound, well that takes a little to get used to,but overall they are not pricing you out of this world.
  18. Tweaked

    Tweaked Member

    i think crates are gunna get a little bigger they were above par last year they had some guys with some sharp looking rides that didnt look any different from a ump late model but thats besides the point. i think there should be a few tracks around here that run them but dont kick other guys out of a place to race though i like the idea and its catching on quick and like corey said maybe some day they will get enough people to convert the sportsmens over to the crate late models time will tell but who knows what everyone is going to think about it id just hate to see a class a track has had all along get the boot because the crates i thnk they deserve a fair shake at it. the cost issue is coming down and the competition is increasing which is great for racing but maybe after this year we will find out if this is going to fly because last years r&d season is over and its time to get it worked in for the long haul it went over pretty good for its first year. good luck to the fergusons and all the other crate boys on making this work either way ill be watchin so bring your best.
  19. Doug

    Doug Retired Announcer

    There is a long history of classes being sacrificed for the "greater good". To use Godfrey as an example, Super Modifieds were the top class until the mid 70's when Late Models came in. Late Models became scarce in the early 80's, and another brand of Super Modifieds were brought in. They were replaced by the Winged Sprints in the late 80's, which were then replaced by the UMP Late Models in 1992. As far as support classes, the Limited sportsman evolved into sportsman, which then became Econo-Late Models. They died out at the hands on the IMCA Modified, which then became UMP sanctioned. Street Stocks evolved into Pro-Stocks, which were then scaled back to street stocks, and have evolved again into Sportsman. Each track in the area has similar tales of evolution followed by extinction, to varying degrees.
  20. RACE39

    RACE39 New Member

    I disagree 100%! The only way you could build any type of late model program with sportsman money, would be to buy used ground up stuff. The crate lm's will be the same as any class. There will be guys in turd boxes, And guys in state of the art equiptment. Simply putting them on the same motor. Will not put some in the same ball park. Yes you may be saving 25 plus thousand on a motor. But you will need to put some of that in other places on the car. I am not knocking the crates. I think they could be neat. This was originally "billed as more affordable racing". That I will agree. More affordable than A-mods and super late models not sportsman. Before guys bite off more than they can chew. They may want to price what some of the late model parts cost new. Picking up a used chassis is one thing. But do your whole program that way??? Half a s sing things usually doesn't equal success in racing. No matter what class. Especially a late model. j/m/o

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