2015 UMP DIRTcar B-Mod Rules


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Thanks for the kick in the balls Scott Kuhn u just took a growing class and killed it on the bright side a mod counts should go up


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Thank god tracks can control the rules locally and run what they want at tri-city and pevely! Ump??? What a mess!


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Dukman im just curious as to how you think Scott Kuhn just killed that class? If my memory serves me right isnt he the one who was not allowing the quick changes and most of everything D(UMP) is allowing? Quick changes have no business in this class!! If you want to run quick changes and 4 links go run a A-Mod!! And trust me im not a fan of Scott Kuhns but i will give him credit with atlwast trying to keep the class affordable and under control.


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Basically UMP just said they don't want this class. These are rules you should start with, not come up with after couple years of running.


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Scott Kuhn helped author these rules faust fan and these are the rules macon and Pevely have elected to run according to scott which I talked to yesterday he also told me the shocks are only 110 a pcs


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I don't have much of a problem with them. Seems good to me. The mandatory crate thing is an eye roller, but oh well.


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Jacksonville and Lincoln haven't committed running B-Mods regularly, but if or when we do, we will be running the UMP rules. Scott and the others involved had a difficult job and that was to come up with a set of rules that accounted for the interests of a lot of different tracks and racers. Spoon River has been running a sportsman modified for many years with Quick changes/4 bars etc. You can look at the end set of rules and it's pretty obvious where compromise was made. Overall, not a bad piece of work and I know it wasn't an easy task. We will respect this as a compromise and support the effort to unify under a single set of rules. The shock rule will have some growing pains but if we put ourselves 2-3 years down the road, I think we will be glad that the class is required to run relatively 'cheap' shocks.
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They need to do a little more proof reading.
1st time I read them it appeared thy want a 18 gauge drive shaft loop.

15.3-D it says frame may be altered for leaf springs, but under rear suspension there is no leaf spring option.
Rear Suspension-B it says coil/over eliminators allowed. But farther down is says spring bottoms must weld to rear end and no bearing ends.

The way I read them:
No 4-Bar (except stock type)
No Spring Loaded Pull Bars
No Rubber Biscuit Bars
But you can run a lay down Shock

Also no Mono Ball on stock suspension.


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so do I have to spend $500 on new shocks ???? way to much to change--as I stated earlier-gradually bring rule changes into play---


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Now the Million dollar Question. Will they be enforced because if not whats it really matter that you have rules or not.


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Most mod chassis cannot fit a lower control arm that long and also with requiring a rear pan hard bar and no limiting chains or devices most cars have to be under slung, rules just don't fit majority of current local racers for tri-city and i55 but we will just have to see what the tracks go with and if guys want to race they will adapt! Also at BWRC we have run and won with these combos when your ready to convert your car$$


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I personally think these rules are a joke! There are way too many guys with motors over 360 that are now useless. These changes are gonna decrease car counts dramatically. Forcing guys to run a low quality over priced pile of junk is total BS! All these changes and they didn't tech the rules we had up until now. Next year will be no different. If this is what the ump tracks are gonna run our two cars will definitely not be attending.