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Dirt on Dirt says Bloomquist suspended for 6 months by Woo

Discussion in 'St. Louis Area Auto Racing Discussion' started by bryanracing55, Nov 23, 2009.

  1. bryanracing55

    bryanracing55 New Member

    By reading the articale Bloomer finally got cought (again). Oh what a shame. Boo Hoo. Thought this happend last year in Fla. and he still raced. Same old story now we have something to agrue over this winter. :rolleyes::D

  2. Dixon Fan

    Dixon Fan Dirt is in...asphalt out

    More details please!!!:rolleyes: Reason for being suspended...
  3. K-Dawg30

    K-Dawg30 Member

    Altering tires with chemicals
  4. Scott Bloomquist, the 2004 World of Outlaws Late Model Series champion, faces a six-month suspension from series events and an $11,350 fine after an independent laboratory concluded the Hall of Fame driver used a chemically-altered tire, tour director Tim Christman said Sunday.

    Bloomquist’s fine is double his earnings from the Nov. 5-7 WoO World Finals weekend at the Dirt Track at Lowe's Motor Speedway, where the series impounded a left rear tire after Bloomquist topped qualifying in the second round of Nov. 5 time trials.

    The 46-year-old driver from Mooresburg, Tenn., who ran infrequently with the World of Outlaws during his 2009 Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series championship season, wasn't paid his weekend earnings of $11,350 at Lowe's and owes the same amount to cover the balance of the fine.

    In addition to being suspended from World of Outlaws events through May 5, Bloomquist won't be allowed to race with any series of the parent World Racing Group, which includes UMP DIRTcar Series events.

    Bloomquist denied using an illegal tire and said he was "not concerned about it"; adding that he didn't agree with WoO tire-inspection procedures and questioned the delay of a ruling officials initially announced would take a week.

    “I’ve already spoken with legal counsel and we’re just going to handle it in that fashion,” Bloomquist said in a Monday telephone interview, confirming he'd appeal the series decision.

    The episode occurred Nov. 5 at Lowe's when tires from the top six qualifiers in the second round of time trials were taken to the series trailer for inspection, including the detection of chemicals that can soften tires and improve traction.

    "Scott's tire had a noticeable odor to it, and was suspicious, so we sent it off to the lab," Christman said. "It came back that it had been altered, so his suspension and fine followed.

    Bloomquist is the second driver suspended for tire violations in the 2009 season, which ended at Lowe's. John Henderson of Aiken, S.C., was suspended 30 days after he immediately admitted to illegally treating a tire following his Aug. 29 fast qualifying time at Screven Motor Speedway in Sylvania, Ga.

    At Lowe's, Bloomquist was given the opportunity to admit guilt Nov. 5 and receive a shorter suspension, but he elected to allow the series to send the tire to a laboratory and face the longer suspension, Christman said.

    Bloomquist was previously penalized one month by the World Racing Group for a similar violation in UMP action Jan. 28, 2008, at Golden Isles Speedway in Brunswick, Ga.

    Bloomquist is fifth all-time on the World of Outlaws Late Model Series with 19 victories, but has just two victories in each of the past two seasons in limited starts, including his Nov. 6 victory at Lowe's.

    With Bloomquist announcing recently he plans to follow the Lucas Oil Series again in 2009, the suspension shouldn't dramatically change the drive's racing plans for 2010. Most significantly, Bloomquist can't compete during the Late Model portion of Volusia Speedway Park's 39th annual DIRTcar Winternationals on Feb. 8-13. The World Racing Group-owned Barberville, Fla., track's Late Model action is sanctioned by UMP and WoO. Bloomquist is a two-time WoO winner at Volusia.
  5. racer94

    racer94 Active Member

    if they or anyone else thinks bloomer is the only one doing that they are mental!

    PITDRIFTER Motorsports

    I agree, maybe the others didn't "smell" as suspicious.:rolleyes: I'm sure World Race Group would send his tires to the lab no matter what. Probably didn't smell any different than the others.
  7. dirt hound

    dirt hound Registered User

    new theme song for ole bloomer JUST KIDDING


  8. Motorhead

    Motorhead www.workmonster.com

    If you're going to doctor tires, you ought to at least buy the good stuff!
  9. Dave34

    Dave34 Active Member

    I think this says one of two things:

    1. The Lucas Oil Series tech is a joke because WOO has caught him twice in the same year and Lucas never caught him.

    2. Since WOO and Bloomquist have had issues in the past and he bad mouthed them at the Lowes finals, they are looking to bring him down ans smear his name.

    Interesting either way. I find it suspicous that they caught only 2 guys cheating tires this whole season, 1 is a regional driver and the other is Bloomquist who shows up at their races and takes the majority of the money but isn't a WOO regular. On the other hand, I can see him cheating his tires too.
  10. dirtgirl

    dirtgirl Well-Known Member

    Amen Brother and some are local :rolleyes:
  11. biker6403

    biker6403 dirt tracks 4 ever

    Tire Preps and Traction Control are gonna kill this sport!!!
  12. JR 25

    JR 25 everydays a holiday

    Bloomquist can survive with out racing WoO, the question is can WoO survive with out him? :eek:
  13. bleed_blue16

    bleed_blue16 Nick Gieseking

    And you guys where killing me this year over me stating either enforce the rule or get rid of it. I wouldn't be so quick to assume that these sanctioning bodies aren't letting people get by with this. Oh course I will profit from the day that they allow tire prepping, but believe me that day will come. Guys developing new and improved ways of getting around the rules will never stop. It's in the cross hairs folks, either except it or fight it. Either way it's not going away, and if one of the most talented in our sport is doing it, then you better believe the rest are short behind him.

    I said my peace. Let the bashing begin.
  14. Racerfan X

    Racerfan X The Thread Killer

    Bloomer just did an interview a couple weeks back about how their isn't any (insert f word here)ing Heroes in dirt late model racing anymore and he should be the Hero but (the powers that be) wont let him because of inversion and other things. I dont know who the Hero is, but I sure know who the cheater is.:D

    DIRTCHAMP77 Member

    The only way to stop the tire prep would be to sell the tires at the track and mark them when they mount them. I suppose they could treat them at the trailer during the night, but a lot of asphalt race tracks require you to purchase tires for that day's races. Then Hoosier can sell only 1 compound and that is what you will run on all night,,Or just allow it and watch the tires explode from being too soft and kill someone...I would think Josh Richards would be an emerging hero....JMO
  16. 20rocks

    20rocks Well-Known Member

    Sure josh would never cheat up his tires or run traction control!Bloomer was framed because he doesn`t play in their sandbox regularly.
  17. bryanracing55

    bryanracing55 New Member

    Make it legal for all and that will fix the so called cheating. Let the guys with the big bucks take over since it headed that way anyway. Who cares abought us little racers anyway? If they would just let Bloomer get his winny way then maybe he wont haft to cheat. If he is? It's not all about him.
  18. bleed_blue16

    bleed_blue16 Nick Gieseking

    You're going in the right direction but with the wrong ending. If they made it legal they would also be benefited by making a spec tire rule(Like the kart series have been doing for years). This would then make it affordable for the average joe. Also by doing this it would cut costs for guys like me who make the tire prep. Which in turn would allow us to not charge so much.

    But instead they will spend endless amounts of money to try and stop guys like me???? And in turn cost the consumer in the long run. Now I know what some of you will say,"well then stop selling it and we won't have this problem." Even if I were to stop, there are thousands of others right behind me. Long story short, it won't end. So instead of having a rule you only enforce when it's conveinent for you and continue to spend a ton of money to stop something that most have no intention of stopping, make it legal and make a spec tire rule. Make a level playing ground for everyone.
  19. bleed_blue16

    bleed_blue16 Nick Gieseking

    Even passing them out at the track wouldn't work unless they bolted them on for you at the grid. There are ways to get the prep into your nitrogen tanks and dispense into the tire when setting air pressure. There are so many ways around any tire rule. The only way to stop this is to do what the Cup series does, and do you see them spending the kind of money needed to do that???? I don't.

    PITDRIFTER Motorsports

    I really could care less what these high budget traveling teams are doing. Tire dope traction control, they can afford it. I'm more concerned about what is being done and used on the local level where guys run on much stricter budgets and only a select few can afford these things and have the advantage.

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