Belle-Clair Speedway canceled for 4/27/12

Discussion in 'St. Louis Area Auto Racing Discussion' started by jdearing, Apr 27, 2012.

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  1. jdearing

    jdearing Administrator Staff Member

    Belle-Clair Speedway is canceled for tonight..

  2. smaldirt28

    smaldirt28 Active Member

    Absolutely rediculous....jmo
  3. faustfan2

    faustfan2 Member

    I agree Tom! They get a little rain and they claim its to much to work in the track!!!!!!!! I understand they have a curfew but dang get the track vehicles on the track as soon as it starts to sprinkle and keep working it and you just might pull it off. These tracks calling a night as soon as the rain drops start is out of control! JMO
  4. Ponder 7

    Ponder 7 New Member

    that is sad must be a little to cold

    FIREBALL Well-Known Member

    well,,ya need to look at the weather map for the st.louis metro area,nuttin but green as far as the eye can see,,
  6. If they didnt call it early everyone would be on here bi**hing cause they wanted to know earlier before they head to the track it happens all the time
  7. cmora

    cmora Member

    Don't forget the high cost of gas to run those vehicles around the track
  8. qwaynick

    qwaynick The Original Q

    Solution? Pave all the dirt tracks!!!!! LOL!!!!!
  9. smaldirt28

    smaldirt28 Active Member

  10. Richard57

    Richard57 Member

    Damn you weatherman. Lol I wanted to race tonight. I guess I gotta go to pevely tomorrow
  11. 360"s #1 fan

    360"s #1 fan New Member

    tom i agree with you there doesnt look like any green out west to real reason they cancelled is the temperature.they were afraid they were gonna lose their *** on grand stand attendance.kudos to tri city speedway at least there is a great race track right down the street.maybe the weather will be perfect next
  12. 3Abreast

    3Abreast 3abreast

    They only got a few spangle . Thats it . Belleville don't seem very series about running do they but I bet Tri City Speedway appreciates their business .
  13. salsdad

    salsdad Active Member

    Cannot imagine how they made this call, it had barely sprinkled in Belleville when they pulled the plug. After 2 weeks of rainouts I would have expected a little more effort. Now the sun is shining!!
  14. Twisted Shifter

    Twisted Shifter chubzilla #1 fan

    Well they Cancel when it gets too hot? Maybe now they cancel when it gets a little chilly?
  15. Twisted Shifter

    Twisted Shifter chubzilla #1 fan

    Plus, opening night when Weaver won. We had waaaaayyyyyyy more more then this that day. Bellevilleonly races now when it is 100% sunny and 72 degrees. I sure dont want too hear them get on here this year saying we have to close early for no money.
  16. AKM9

    AKM9 Active Member

    They made the right call the 6 or 8 of you on here *****ing won't pay the purse we have all summer to race , go to granite if you need racin tonight , rain wasn't a issue it's freakin cold
  17. racin90

    racin90 Well-Known Member

    I have to kind of agree with the cold. With people having kids and such.........its a toss up what to do. Kudos for bellevilles decision.....and im ok with tri city's as well to go ahead and run. Either way............i stayed home due to last time i went to the races i froze and wont do that again. Plus......i was looking forward to going to Belleville.........which i can wait another week.
  18. fryefan66

    fryefan66 Member

    They obviously made the right call. The clowns on here that are complaining should start promoting tracks (none of them would last long).
  19. 3Abreast

    3Abreast 3abreast

    You think after two straight rain outs It would have taken more than just a few sprinkles . They don't seem to be taking the track serous enough to make any money their .
  20. 3Abreast

    3Abreast 3abreast

    Its ether to cold or to hot at that track . You don't get allot of perfect nights in the Midwest . You take away the hot and the colds It sure takes away allot of season .
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